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Workshop By Sai Paranjpye At Global Film Festival

The renowned film maker Sai Paranjpye popularly known for her
contribution to Children’s Cinema including films like The Little Tea
Shop , Jadu Ka Shankh ,Begaar , Sikander , Sparsh , Chasme Buddoor ,
Katha , Ados Pados , Angootha Chhaap , Disha , Chooriyan , Saaz , Bhago
Bhoot , Chaka Chak , Suee was invited by International Film And
Television Club to have workshop with the film makers at 3rd Global Film
Festival Noida

She has been
National Award Winner for her film Sparsh for best Screen Play in the
year 1980 and Film for social issues Choodiyan in 1993. She has also
been recipient of Film Fare Awards.

Sai Paranjpye read
her well prepared paper on children’s film. Talking to the Cinema
audience and answering to the different questions she confessed that it
is difficult today to sell children’s subject without stars and with
stars it is unviable that is why she has stopped making movies.
Reality is that market for Children’s films is untapped. A middle path
has to be adopted.

Sandeep Marwah suggested that, “
time has come when we have to widen the horizon of so called Children’s
film .It can be with children and also on the issues of children like
Tare Zameen Pe, Mr India, etc which are super hit films”

Khalid Mohamed said, “No body asks for script for children’s film, it
may be suitable for television and channels, and that does not serve our

R.K.Singh persuaded that film maker should
not leave the opportunity which he gets from the Government in the form
of finance from NFDC or CFSI.
Ashok Tyagi paid vote of
thanks to the veterans and suggested animation films can be a wonderful
alternative to regular films.

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