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Strong Determination Leeds To Success-Sandeep Marwah At Kaleidoscope

“To be successful you have to have a strong
determination and you have to be honest towards your profession. Hard
work and self motivation are the key factors” said Sandeep Marwah
President Marwah Studios & Jury Member while handing over the award
to the best teams on the ramp of Kaleidoscope 2012-Design Collection
organized by International Polytechnic for Women at Talkatroa Gardens. 

theme of this year’s fashion show was ‘Womanhood’. “The show is a
tribute to the women of today who are confident yet sensitive, bold yet
tender, kind hearted yet fiercely competitive-who have heart brimming
with love and compassion yet a mind of their own. The very qualities
which make them run the world’ expressed Sanjana Kalra Executive
Director of the school. 

Naresh Kapooria,
Lushin Dubey, Sharon Lowen, Niket & Jainee, Rahul Dev, Saravpreet
Minhas were the other members of the jury. The show was choreographed
by Kaushik Ghosh in seventeen different segments.

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