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From the very
beginning of teen age everyone wants to know about the fate and future. If we
find anyone around us knows how to see the palm everyone gets curious about to
know the future. But it’s ve difficult to tell the future on the basis of
palm’s lines. Only an excel person can tell about the lines on palm. It is one
of the greatestprevalent branches of forecast. In this method of astrology forecasts
are made on the basis of body parts, skin colour and etc. palmistry acquired
its name from the palms as it reads the characteristics of the palm such as
shape, colour, lines and signs. Here in this article l will tell you the colour
of the palm and the role to play to determine your destiny.

Once or twice in
your life you may have accessed a palmist to know about your future and most
probably you must have wondered how is it possible for a palmist to know about
your future, health, character characters and potentials by simply perceiving
the palm. According to palmistry the lines in the palms alone cannot provide
accurate future predictions and information about your nature. To tell the
curacy in future prediction, palmistry gives equal meaning to the colour of
palm and skin type of a native. The shape and size are also play a vital role
in determining the future.

I will tell you
that how your palm colour controlsyour characters. First of all observe your own
palm minutely then do the same with another person, you can see that your palm
colour is a different than the colour of other person’s palm. A Palmist forecasts
your future from the fate lines in the palm and tells about your health and
character from the palm colour. For example if the colour of your palm is
yellowish then it means that there is less blood in your body and you may
suffer from
you may
have self-interest in your character. Often you think only about
yourself only and this creates confusions and dis-content in your relationships
with your near and dear.

You see that yellow colour also
indicates some types of illness in your body.According to palmistry if a native
has yellowish palm it indicates that there might be a disease within the body.
There may be a liver related disease. The y
ellow colour of the palm specifies
your short temper nature too. Thus yellow colour is not a good sign for a

Do you see some red colour or red
spots on your palms?  Some parts of the
palm appear reddish then it means you may have problems related with blood
pressure. It also reveals the nature of the natives who lose their temper on
little matters.

Dark red colour of palm shows that
the native is very hostile. The personm
erely cannot control his anger and even
go to the extent of fighting. The deep red colour of the palm indicates that
the native may suffer from a nerve related disease in his life so the native
should take a lot of precautions.

Do you find that your palms are pink
in colour? Pinkish palm indicates livelines
s and good health. People having
such palm colour are optimistic about life. They live their life happily.

Some people have blue coloured palm. Bluish
palm means the blood circulation is slow in the body of the native. The native
may have a lethargic nature. According to various Palmist say that amongst
different palm colour the pink palms are best for human nature as well health.
As they are really jolly natured and optimistic.


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