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A neat to death person is given life…
When he started liking life he was punished to death!!!

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Once I had a real inspiration in my life…just a few moments meeting and I would be delighted by that fellow…I m not meeting him anymore…I m not mailing him anymore,no more calls,SMSs…nothing…I just check his orkut profile…updates…not even scrap…I do send some smileys…smiling of course.

I miss him a lot.

Never had same feeling for anyone else…I tried …but it wasn’t natural like in previous case….but still I try.

After a long gap I’ve found this person that makes my heratbeat missing…makes me feel as to know him more…its not that hard, he is my student. An age gap of 8 yrs…

I really feel ashamed of my feelings…There isn’t any bad thought as such but still…I feel bad.

How can one feel if he is asking a person who is 8 yrs younger to you and your student about spending some quality time together???
Hey dear can you give thought about being my Inspiration???

…Cloudy days arriving for me in February.Thanks GOD!!!

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About me!

What makes me gay is a fact that even after being a boy a love a boy all from my heart.
Uncoditional love…as in I love him as real him…I like everything about him.I’ve got no complains about him…even though for certain things he ahtes himself.

Nice guy,lucky to be what he is…And I know that I m the only person loving him as real him.
Who else that boy would be, than myself.

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I m not a BAD person..I’ve never done nething bad to ne1…but I cann’t say same about my mind…I’ve done many BAD things in my mind…I’ve never seduced ne1 in real…without consent of the other person I’ve never touched a person.

I remember doing “tapa-tapi” of boys in Pune…imagining them…”We r raping these boys…”,one of my friend used to say….never felt awkward or bad about it…Those boys must have been thinking same about girls(or boys may be)…But Today,I m in a position where I can actually have some1 to do things I want…Question is “Can I be that bad?”…Well I try not to be…I don’t want to destroy ne1′s life or loose respect or faith others showing in me.

Fantasizing is okay…but tryin same stuff in real…SAVE ME GOD!

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श्रावण सुरू झालाय पण मी मात्र अजूनही त्याच श्रावणात हरवलो आहे. कधी विसरणे शक्य पण नाही.पहिल्या प्रेमाची अनुभूती देणारा … पाऊस परत तसा नाही भेटला पण माझा प्रेयस मात्र मला तसाच भेटतो जसा श्रावण येतो.
त्याची प्रत्येक भेट तशीच असते , हळूवार आणि बेधुन्द कॅरणारी . त्याच्या तशा एका भेटीत मी तृप्त होतो. श्रावणा च्या पाऊसने जशी हिरवळ येते तशी हिरवळ ,तसा ताजेपणा त्याच्या भेटीने माझ्या जीवनात येतो.
आजकाल तो भेटत नाही पण त्याच्या आठवणींचा श्रावण मात्र माझ्यासोबत नेहमी असतो. श्रावणसरी परत येतील ह्याची खात्री मात्र आहे.

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Recently Delhi High Court legalised homosexuality.I asked one of my “gay” frnd how does he feel about it?

NOTHING…is his reply.

Yeah…nothing…I do agree such relations are in existance from birth of man…it is having history…it exists and will exist till the mankind exists but why celebration of such law.Such things are better hidden ,in the dark, amond the persons involved.Whats the point in making it open?

We have a society,family where we are answerable why to open such a topic which is not discussable at all.Its a choice of a invidual and he/she should handle it.This law seems like a motivation of making darker side of humans visible to everyone.

Afterall a law cann’t change a society.

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LUST n all that…

I really wanna thank the person who invented BLOGS…You can say whatever u wanna say.

You have friends,best friends with whom u can share almost everything, but there are few things which u cann’t share with anyone. You need to get rid of those thoughts but u keep mum. 

With me it happens everytime, Lucky to have best peoples as best friends but my mind has no limits on thoughts which I cann’t share with thse friends at all. No fear of loosing them ,thing is I wont feel as showing  ‘em my face again after opening my Pandora’s box.

I don’t even understand why the dirty thoughts keep coming in mind. Things which I can never do in real. What’s in skin that makes me curious to see more of it. I know what I’ll be seeing in the end but mind is never satisfied with theory it needs demo. For the persons unknown , my mind wishes to see more of them, more of their skin.

I do understand harmones n all that but even after seeing the real thing mind is neither  satisfied  nor it feels as doing nething more.

I keep saying that I m not gay coz,  I look at boys,I do imagine them nude, I do feel as playing with their body but I don’t feel as to do nething once they are naked in front of me.So why the hell I wanna see them nude in first place???

I also understand that actual attraction is not for the skin but for the person in real, I have many a time overcame with “dirty” thoughts by actually talking to that person,by knowing that person ,by being friends with him. And actually it works ,The moment I know a person ,attraction for him is vanished.

But it is also a fact that I cann’t talk with every person I come across.So my mind can play with me old games again and again.

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Athashri MAHABHARAT Katha…

Yesterday I was reading a story book…about Mahabharat…It was just a Children’s story book but whenever I read anything related to Mahabharat,I am lost in thoughts.

I’ve read Yugandhar…Marathi book on Shri Krishna.I’ve read Mrityunjay…book on Karna.I’ve read Eklavya.

Why is it so that stories from Mahabharat enchant me every time?

 I do give lot thinking on it. Iíve many questions about it but I never get answers. Leave the question of it being a reality or just a story or Mahakavya. There is something in it that makes me curious about it.

I feel the questions are not only about the epic. Itís about Life, my life, my existence. All that I want to know about Superpower behind this world we see today. It makes me feel so helpless, I m just nobody in this world. I know nothing. The more I wish to know, more it becomes mysterious


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CRUSHed again!!!

Recently I had a chance to listen to Rahul vaidya LIVE…What a voice

I remember when first Indian Idol was being aired.I was in Pune ,away from home so wasn’t getting any television.But FM was there.One day while tuning I heard a Sonu Nigam’s song but something was different,It was telecast of previous episode of Indian Idol and Rahul vaidya was singing it

I rarely go for admiration of voices but this was something that touched my heart directly.I rarely saw any episode of Indian Idol and later Rahul Vaidya didn’t mean so much for me.But after listening to him again I m touched. I enjoyed all his songs and those were better than original.
I m dying to listen more of him.

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