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Athashri MAHABHARAT Katha…

Yesterday I was reading a story book…about Mahabharat…It was just a Children’s story book but whenever I read anything related to Mahabharat,I am lost in thoughts.

I’ve read Yugandhar…Marathi book on Shri Krishna.I’ve read Mrityunjay…book on Karna.I’ve read Eklavya.

Why is it so that stories from Mahabharat enchant me every time?

 I do give lot thinking on it. Iíve many questions about it but I never get answers. Leave the question of it being a reality or just a story or Mahakavya. There is something in it that makes me curious about it.

I feel the questions are not only about the epic. Itís about Life, my life, my existence. All that I want to know about Superpower behind this world we see today. It makes me feel so helpless, I m just nobody in this world. I know nothing. The more I wish to know, more it becomes mysterious


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