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Once I had a real inspiration in my life…just a few moments meeting and I would be delighted by that fellow…I m not meeting him anymore…I m not mailing him anymore,no more calls,SMSs…nothing…I just check his orkut profile…updates…not even scrap…I do send some smileys…smiling of course.

I miss him a lot.

Never had same feeling for anyone else…I tried …but it wasn’t natural like in previous case….but still I try.

After a long gap I’ve found this person that makes my heratbeat missing…makes me feel as to know him more…its not that hard, he is my student. An age gap of 8 yrs…

I really feel ashamed of my feelings…There isn’t any bad thought as such but still…I feel bad.

How can one feel if he is asking a person who is 8 yrs younger to you and your student about spending some quality time together???
Hey dear can you give thought about being my Inspiration???

…Cloudy days arriving for me in February.Thanks GOD!!!

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