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Pakistani Champions of Twenty20 & Fall of India! – By Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

Pakistani Champions of Twenty20 & Fall of India!

-    By Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal




By crowning Pakistan with world Championship on 21 June, the “beloved” cricket world has rubbed salt on big wounds of the 20/20 India and Indian pain is understandably unbearable. It is more devastating than the repeated hard thrashes Indians received when the opponents, both friendly and others, kicked them even after they fell to their feet showing their gate passes promptly; but the opponents, freedom from the cricket mafia control mechanisms,  just crushed the passes as well as stamping them harshly under their deadly feet. Too bad anti-Indians they are indeed! The more Indian strategists and media hawks try to make whole world pro-India, the worse for great India. India has plenty of resources, white and black, but was unable to secure the 20/20 championship with all campaigns and maneuverings. Cricket mafia has refused to oblige India after taking huge rewards from Indian bigs?




Yes, Pakistan is the champions! Islamabad has won an international cricket tournament after 17 years when they outplayed Sri Lanka by eight wickets to become World Twenty20 champions at the Lord’s London. It was way back in 1992 when charismatic Imran Khan came back from retirement to lead Pakistan to ODI World Cup victory Down Under. Younis Khan made sure that his name will be taken in the same breath as Imran, leading the so-called “underdogs” to title triumph. However, there was not even synthetic excitement as Pakistan planned the downfall of Sri Lanka and executed it brilliantly, chasing down 139-run target coolly with eight balls to spare. Pakistan, who fell agonizingly short in 2007 in SA and have been through so much strife as a country in the two years since, have pulled off a magnificent victory. Lord’s is a sea of roaring green. Indians almost destroyed the world atmosphere with their semi-explosives when they by fluke clinched the trophy by defeating Pakistan.

The first Indian reaction to Pakistan’s magnificent victory was to ask the judges in Mumbai courts to do enough” on terrorism case and courts promptly issued notices to terrorists, basically Indians, who are supposedly hiding in Pakistan seconds after the Indian Mumbai Terrorism. USA has asked their tourist citizens to avoid India, a terrorist state and Indians have protested to USA for exposing Indians so badly.  

India was kicked by many teams, including South Africa that played extremely well through out but fell at the pre-finals. On 16 June, on a spin-friendly Trent Bridge surface, South Africa’s slow bowlers rubbed salt and some spices into India’s gaping World Twenty20 wounds, defending a modest total of 130 with consummat. After toiling on the fields for over a month in South Africa over the strangled IPL, India madly lost the 20/20.  South Africa thrashed India in the Super 8 level by clipping 9 wickets, while Pakistan lost only 3 wickets and won the match against the SA super cricket king.

Already, India has resumed its usual boost matches in West Indies where the hosts treat Indians well by appeasing them with high run rate plus some 40-50 gift runs in the fist ODI on 16 June so as to help them ease the debacles in London. WI is doing exactly what Australia and New Zealand boys have done playing joint cricket exercise with India. ( More to Follow…)


Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

Independent Researcher in International Affairs, The only Indian to have gone through entire India, a fraud and terror nation in South Asia.


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