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Kashmir, Pakistan and India: The Game and Tragedy

Kashmir, Pakistan and India: The Game and Tragedy

World is moving towards a devastating nuclear war!



On the one hand,  the so-called big powers talk about complete denuclearization and disarmament , on the other, they keep adding more and more nuclear and other terror arsenals to their depots, making a complete mockeryof glbola peace efforts. Israel does not seek peace andhence it keeps expand colonies and escalate terror war with Palestinias. India warns Muslims in occupied Jammu kahmir about its nuclear and convnetional capabilites. .

In escalating nuclear terror plants in many sites indoors, India is also eager to join a possible nuclear war, perhaps not knowing that it also would be destroyed. It would foolish to argue that Indian nukes would end Pakistan and nothing would happen to India which has some Sachuin cricketism magic”. 

In mid seventies humanity witnessed India’s implosion of a nuclear device by skillfully exploiting its “socialist/communist” links that besides unnerving Pakistan also pressed the panic button ringing alarming bells regarding nuclear proliferation in South-Asia. Pakistan also subsequently, went nuclear by using its rare resources as it faced survival with a grave Indian threat due to on growing military and nuclear might of its five times bigger hostile neighbor.

With a view to imposing its will on its neighbors and show its military terror prowess to the world, India after independence and quick invasion of Jammu Kashmir, began building terror arsenals and thus has a track record of fighting wars; three wars with Pakistan in a span of its twenty year independence and is still eager to wage another with Pakistan to settle the Jammu Kashmir issue and on the strength of Russia India fought with one with China a bloody war in 1972. Russia assisted Indina in obtaing nukes  

In March 2012, Indian army claimed it successfully tested BrahMos Supersonic Cruise Missile with a range of 290 km, but however, the claim report could yet be another attempt to mislead the humanity, especially its neighbors. But on the following day March 05, 2012, hours after India “tested” its supersonic cruise missile, Pakistan military, in a compelling retaliatory performance test-fired it’s Nuclear-Capable Ballistic Missile Hatf-II.

The notorious terrorist organizations like UNSC and NATO have for  quite some time now been harping for a nuclear war.  It  is crystal clear the one of major objectives of the Sept-11 hoax was to ignite nuclear war through a conventional terror war in Afghanistan, after destabilizing Islamic regime there and looting their resources.

As already spelt out by the CIA-Pentagon years back under the Bushdom rogues, these  terror  syndicates and their allies  want to create a new world order by looting the resources of rich Musim nations and the Sept-11 was meant exactly for that purpose.  Already, Afghanistan, Silk Road, Iraq, Libya and their vast resources are under the “democratic” American control. 

Many pro-humanity news portals have already begun reporting the  preparations by these terror syndicates as well as individual colonialist terror states like  Israel and India. 

Needless to mention here that the nations that possess nuclear sites could be the prime target of the  big war mongers.  

Unlike the CIA led global terror networks and their m fascist media  l nuts, the individual writers even with a common  theme do not  have a common platform to plan their pro-humanity agenda and this strengthens the dirty state terror hands 


The global dictator USA wants to remain the only superpower with the supreme power to unilaterally control all resources it needs and weaken and destabilize all governments of globe that stand in its way of advacning ikts illegal interests. Obviously now, the foremost target of the all powerful United States as well as its only dependable partner in imperial overreach in Mikdeast, Israel  is the energy resources of Middle East and Iran.  

US military and political leaders, especially under President George Bush Jr and Vice President Dick Cheney, doubtless seek “nuclear primacy” – the ability to first strike both China’s 400 odd nuclear weapons and Russia’s 2,500 “on alert” weapons with minimal retaliation against American targets – i.e., maybe only a hundred U.S. cities would be destroyed and only 75 million Americans die immediately. 

Both the USA and Israel want to control Arab and Muslim resources and make big profits for their military and other well-connected construction contractors. Both want to maintain their joint monopoly on nuclear weapons in the Middle East. 

Additionally, Israel and its powerful American lobbies oil agents and leaders want to shild Israel’s nukes obtained illegally and crush any potential challenge to Israel’s possession of stolen Palestinian lands.  Tens of millions of American Christian Zionists support Israeli expansionism in occupied Palestine for obvious reasons.

When people of Jammu Kashmir refused to reconcile to accept the India imposed political arrangement and decided to rise up in arms against India in 1989 waging a legitimate peaceful struggle that was unacceptable to the echelons of fanatically military power in India. India too seeks terror help from all major powers including USA-UK terror twins in raising the  military-nuclear prowess to threatened not only Kashmiris and Pakistan but also China, the nuclear power house in Asia and veto state of the notorious UNSC..

 In order to keep Jammu Kashmir as a permanent colony and silencing the freedom fighters with an iron hand, India has also been busy diverting its resources to stockpile military hardware, missile technology, nuclear submarines, and technologies from super powers of the world to create an imbalance in the military power equilibrium in the region.

Israel is especially dangerous because its leaders and supporters have made clear for years that if Israel was every devastated by any kind of war or attack it would retaliate in indiscriminate “Samson Option” attacks against not just on Muslim cities, but against European and even Russian targets. Israeli missles target European nations. Given suspected U. nuclear primacy plans, Russia could feel compelled to attack the USA for acts not necessarily like a US nuclear attack on Iran, which is just a few hundred miles from its border. Cuba threatnedd a missle strike on USA in 1962 but on Russian pressure abnadoned subsequenly. On January 25, 1995 Boris Yeltsin, then President of Russia, came within three minutes of initiating a full nuclear strike on the USA because of one Norwegian scientific rocket Russians could not identify.  


Seeking to claim nuclear supremacy, USA experimented atomic bombs on the innocent Japanese in 1945. Even now USA and Israel are eager to terrorize the humantiy with nuclear attacks. But, once there is any use of nuclear weapons, it will be like giving permission for anyone to use them.  It would be like a room full of people embarrassed to cough or sneeze, but once one does, everyone else feels free to do so. 


India keeps blasting nuclear devises and shooting missiles obviously to showcase its military power to its neighbors and earn good will from USA-UK led NATO terror syndicate.  Regional military rivalry became a nuclear terror rivalry between Indian and Pakistan, and on May 13, 1998 India exploded five nuclear devices; three on May 11 and two on May 13, 1998 followed by Pakistan’s six on May 28, and May 30, 1998.  This showed the ever readiness to increase its military potential by Pakistan by diverting the resources meant for the welfare of common people if India doesn’t stop militarizing or terrorizing the region. But Pakistan with its meager resources is hard-pressed to keep pace with the race and faces multiple problems as far as running of day to day governmental responsibilities are concerned.


For both India and even Pakistan it might be pure game plan getting executed according to the UK plan, but for Kashmiris it  is the major tragedy  in their lives.


In spite of all efforts by New Delhi to make as many Kashmiris pro-India, making Hindus in Jammu Kashmir anti-Kashmir and anti-Muslim, and the government in Jammu Kashmir an Indian puppet, Kashmiris continue their struggle for sovereignty. Further, India has very systematically created a permanent confrontational scenario with Pakistan creating a scary situation.

Pakistan, thanks to its own foolish puppetry skills to enthuse Americans for small coins and a few terror goods, is now a destabilized nation, militarily marginalized and deciphered. India joined the NATO terror syndicate having made Islamabad safe sanctuary to target Muslims and further weaken Pakistan as a sovereign nation. 

However, Indian triclomatic efforts have made a pro-Pakistani America into an anti-Pakistani imperialist power, forcing the puppet regime in Islamabad to be engaged in serious human right violations in massacres of Muslims. USA palys  both Pakistna and India and uses them as bargain chip with each other. 

America and its terror allies UK and Israel now are focused on World War III which has already started following Sept-11 hoax. But any use of nuclear weapons probably will lead to a rapid escalation, “out of control spiral,” to nuclear war among most or all nuclear nations–”world nuclear war.” The notorious UNSC or NATO cannot stop it.  US imperialism and pre-emptive strikes cannot stop it. 

 Only a worldwide disarmament movement can stop it. However, none of the several worldwide disarmament movements which have risen or fallen over the last forty years has been able to do it. Unfortunately, most activist organizations have been co-opted by special interests which consider nuclear and military disarmament to be low priorities


Nuclear war cannot benefit USA, or UK or Israel or NATO. Eniter world will get destoryed .

The only disarmament movement that can succeed is one which is willing to keep an arms length from union, corporate and pro-US-Israel interests that put jobs and Israel before nuclear safety and to make Middle East nuclear disarmament a top priority.

The only thing that may be able to end the possibility of nuclear war for good and forever is the non-violent dissolution of war-torn and warring nation states into non-violent self-determining communities and city states. 

Disarmament is the only solution with elimination of all nuclear weapons and  technology rec search  forthwith by all nuclear states as well aspiring to be nuclear terror states. 

Every state must dismantle all nuclear sites nuder  auspices and guidance of IAEA. 


There is no second option! 

د. عبد راف 

Dr. Abdul RuffSpecialist on State Terrorism; Educationalist;Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Independent Analyst;Chronicler of Foreign occupations & Freedom movements(Palestine,Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc); Anti-Muslimism and anti-Islamism are more dangerous than “terrorism” Anti-Islamic forces & terrorists are using criminal elements for terrorizing the world and they in disguise are harming genuine interests of ordinary Muslims. Global media today, even in Muslim nations, are controlled by CIA  & other anti-Islamic agencies. Former university Teacher;/ 91-9961868309/91-9961868309

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