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Kashmir and Indo-Pak Standoff – A Sovereign Kashmir: Random Thoughts – 160

A Sovereign Kashmir: Random Thoughts – 160



 Kashmir and Indo-Pak Standoff





What will they do when two mischievous puppets chance to face each or cross over? 

Enough is not enough.  

Maybe, they would make funny gestures and movements! America’s two major nuclearized puppets in South Asia met in New Delhi at 7, race Course Road on 08th April obviously as per their secret undertaking. At the outset, move offers the public an impression that Pakistani Zardari came all the way to New Delhi by a special Pak air-force  plane unofficially only to invite Zardarji Manmohan to visit Pakistan officially. India must have insisted that Pakistani president should come to India to extend an invitation to Indian terror PM.  This bully can work with puppets.

Controlled and regulated  by the USA-UK terror twins, Pakistan has mastered the art of puppetry.  

India is puppet of USA but it wants its neighbors, especially Pakistan,  to be India’s favorite puppet. Pakistani elites seem to be sympathetic to this Indian concern. 

Both India and Pakistan have not yet spelt out the future of  Jammu Kashmir.  

India has already killed over 100,000 innocent Kashmiri Muslims while protecting every single Hindu in the region. 

The UNSC is notoriously blind. 



Zardari in Delhi

Indian TV channels report that Zardari and Manmohan discussed a volley of issues from cricket, IPL, to terrorism. But have they discussed any of these “reported” items? Obviously they have not within a few minutes they were together before being whisked away by the security boys for mini lunch with, among others, BJP leaders like LK. Advani who was prime Hindutva terrorist directly involved in the ghastly destruction of Babri Mosque in 1992.


Besides pleasantries and health enquires it is quite unlikely that they discussed any of the “agendas” the “glorious” and non-terrorist Indian intelligence guys, hiding behind the media, wanted them to take up.  Manmohan and Zardari had had been flown abroad for serious treatment, including transplantations and they could have enquired about their “mutual” heaths. Both have survived both health and political turmoil seeking to replace them.



Manmohan refused to come out to receive the chief guest at his residence from Islamabad, displaying petrified superiority mindset of Hindutva nation. This is the funny superiority complex from which Indians suffer the ugly side of Indian core diplomacy like the one of USA towards its puppets. India wants Pakistanis to feel small in front of a extra “powerful” India, looking forward to outwit USA and Russia- not just China. .


In fact, from the video footage of the TV media, one gets the impression that Pakistan delegation was rushing into the Manmohan residence as if hungry villagers throng the house of zamindar (landlord) for free food packages for themselves and son and daughter. 

One does not know if this ‘rush” show by the Pakistani delegation into Manmohan house is meant to send a message that Pakistanis have rushed to Manmohan for cash for their anti-Islamic services in Pakistan and nearby. This cash is in addition to what the USA and UK offer to Pakistan for serving the cause of massacre of Muslims.   



And on the pretext of visiting Ajmer Durgah (Mosque) Pakistan leaders have willingly played Indian fiddle- and earned a free lunch as well. And Indian PM “accepted” the invitation deal, officially. The shrine in western India of a revered Sufi Muslim saint RA M. Chisti, visited by all faiths and seen as “secular” and as a symbol of harmony between South Asia’s often competing religions.   The Mosque authorities are unhappy that Rajasthan government collects the offerings deposited in the boxes kept inside the Durgah. 


When the Indian regime released the breaking news to media on Zardari’s “sudden” trip, the speculations were generated in the media by state terror strategists to use the occasion to push a weakened Pakistan to “officially”:” accept the terror responsibility in Mumbai and help Indo-US close the issue once for all.



In Indian lunch diplomacy hosted by Indian terror PM, a political mischief is discernible. Indo-Pak leaders focus on their future leaders. While Manmohan was invited to Pakistan by Zardari, his son Bilawal Bhutto extended invitation to Rahul Gandhi, Sonia’s son, the heir to Nehru family.  


Religion and mosques are mere tools in the hands of politicians to promote private politico-economic interests of leaders of both Pakistan and India. Had Zardari wanted to visit the Ajmer Durgah, he could have gone directly there and returned to Pakistan via New Delhi where he could have just met Manmohan. But Indian wanted him to come to Delhi first to have Indian food and “drinks” and other Indian stuff before he goes to Ajmer.



Snowslide and Cold India


Maybe, as a mere coincidence from nature’s worry on the crude fat of Kashmiris, besieged by both India and Pakistan by way of treacherous occupation, a snowslide hit in the Siachen Glacier region of Pakistan in the Karakoram range of Himalayas on the eve of a scheduled meeting between two US puppets in New Delhi- Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari and Indian terror PM Manmohan Singh. It was the first visit to India by a Pakistani head of state since 2005.



India and Pakistan fought two wars over Siachen and hundreds have died there, mostly from the inhospitable conditions. Up to 135 people, mostly Pakistani soldiers are feared dead after a massive avalanche engulfed a high-altitude military complex in mountainous Kashmir near the Indian border on early 07 April. 150 people were in the military base at a time of the avalanche.  Pakistan’s 124 army soldiers and 11 civilians were buried under the wall of snow more than 20 meters thick in the Siachen Glacier region, known as the world’s highest battlefield where Pakistan and India have military outposts. Rescue workers try to find the victims of a deadly avalanche in Pakistan, April 7, 2012. The base is located in a high risk area where the inhospitable climate and avalanche-prone terrain have claimed more lives than gunfire. The military launched a huge all-day search on the remote 6,000-meter peak involving helicopters, search dogs, troops, doctors and paramedics, but the rescue operation was called off as darkness set in and the weather worsened. There was no sign of life more than 12 hours later.


Pakistan and India each have thousands of troops stationed in Kashmir, including the Siachen Glacier region which both nations claim in full. Territorial disputes over control of the rugged, mountainous region have sparked two wars between the nuclear-armed neighbors. India and Pakistan fought their most recent war in 1999, shortly after both sides declared they possessed nuclear weapons. Hundreds died on the disputed border in Kashmir before Pakistani troops and militants were forced to withdraw. Since 1984, there had been skirmishes along the border until both sides agreed to a cease-fire in 2003. 


Manmohan pretends to be a pro-Pakistan Sikh. Born in a village in what is now Pakistan, Singh has pushed for peace half-baked during his two terms in office by killing Kashmiri Muslims and also pressing for MFN status from Pakistan as a price for good relations, but his efforts were knocked off track by the 2008 ouster of former President general P. Musharraf, hailing from Delhi and instrumental in NATO terror syndicates to ransack Pakistan for years now; with Musharraf Singh claims to have built “trust”.


Bilateral talks only resumed a year ago. In November, Gilani and Singh met in the Maldives and promised to open a new chapter in their troubled history. Hopes are focused on resolving the conflict at the Siachen glacier and a dispute over an oil-rich river estuary called Sir Creek.


With Zardari and Singh both suffering major domestic problems, prospects are low for fixing the complex stand-off over disputed Kashmir, the trigger of two of three wars between the two countries since independence from Britain in 1947.



Mischief as Diplomacy

India always says to Pakistan: “Enough is enough”, “do more”, etc in a threatening tone. However, when Pakistan was elected to the notorious UNSC Indian tone has come down. It is because India is not supposed to threaten a neighboring UNSC member! 




Musharraf, the last Pakistani head of state to visit India in 2005, has said both issues were as good as fixed while he was in office. Relations have warmed since Pakistan promised its neighbor most favored nation trade status last year, although a $10 million bounty offered by Washington for a Pakistani Islamist blamed for the 2008 attacks on Mumbai has stirred old grievances. Without giving details, the two leaders said they discussed a wide range of issues during a “fruitful” meeting before sharing lunch. Singh said he hoped to make his first visit to Pakistan at a convenient date. On his first visit to India as part of the 40-member delegation, Zardari’s son, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, stood behind the leaders at the briefing, possibly a sign of his growing role in politics. “Relations between India and Pakistan should become normal. 


Annoyed by Zardari’s proposed visit to India, possibly without US permission, USA blasted the bomb of Saeed bounty. The continued “freedom” of Islamist Hafiz Saeed, suspected of “masterminding an attack” by specially trained gunmen on Mumbai, India’s financial capital in 2008 that killed 166 people, including 50 Muslims, caused some friction in the days before the meeting. India says it is furious Pakistan has not detained Saeed, despite handing over a ‘special” dossier of evidence against him. Pakistan PM Raza Gilani who is also guilty of massacre of Muslims, said that anyone with concrete proof to prosecute Saeed should present it to the courts.


Lasting Pakistan-India peace would go a long way to smoothing a perilous transition in Afghanistan as most NATO combat forces prepare to leave by the end of 2014, but the issue of granting sovereignty to Kashmiris is the root cause of all these talks and travels.

India has yet to comment on the disaster, let alone expressing sympathy or solidarity with Pakistan nation. When Sept-11 hoax had taken place in USA, India was quick to show sympathy with Bush Jr.




Whereas Indian was quick enough to hurriedly credit the illegally occupied Jammu Kashmir in Indian constitution, making it a fake account book, Pakistan has not added the captured parts of Jammu Kashmir from Indian occupation into Pakistan constitution.  Instead, a new nation was created, calling it Azad Kashmir and assuring the Kashmiris of bringing the India occupied Jammu Kashmir also to the Azad Kashmir. This gave the impression that Pakistan has no intention of enslaving Kashmiris or Jammu Kashmir. But many Pakistanis living abroad are circulating the theory that once JK is released from Indian occupation entire Jammu Kashmir would join Pakistan.

This is not just a mischief, but foolishly sick mindset. How can Pakistan which itself is facing disintegration, can absorb new lands? This smear campaign has only strengthened the India position that Jammu Kashmir should stay with India permanently and should not go to Pakistan.

India somehow believes Pakistanis would not take any interest in JK issue if Kashmiris resolve to stay with India. Hence, all manipulations from New Delhi have been going on for years now to make Kashmiri Muslims anti-Pakistan and totally pro-India.

Obviously, India and Pakistan use Jammu Kashmir as bargain chip to promote cross border trade and trafficking.  Both employ their agenda in both sides of Jammu Kashmir to promote their self interests.

Having lost their credibility, both Zardari and Zardaji are facing existential problems at home, though unlike Manmohan who is a hired PM by Indian politicians, Zardari is an elected leader of the major PPP party founded by Z.A. Bhutto, father of Benazir whose untimely death caused the entrance of Zardari into the Presidency. Manmohan has not party or mass base, not even in his home state Punjab and has been nominated by Assam Assembly Congress party to the parliament.   

Unlike, Manmohan who might have earned a lot of extra cash for his services to multinationals, corporate magnets, illegally miners among other criminals, Zardari who has amassed huge grey money from back doors and hence was jailed by Musharraf, is eager to make his dear son Bilawal Bhutto the next president of Pakistan. Manmohan is just waiting for his replacement since Rahul Gandhi is unwilling to be PM especially after the collapse of his Congress party in Uttar Pradesh. But Manmohan refuses to relinquish the PM post without a call from the ruling UPA boss Sonia Gandhi.  


Unless credible solution is achieved in Kashmir by granting full Independence to them by both India and Pakistan, all these lunch diplomacy would be in lurch and futile exercise, l just like joint cricket exercises by former British colonies. After all, India and Pakistan are the former colonies of colonialist UK and are being controlled by them on the Kashmir issue. 


India possibly would not on its own free Jammu Kashmir  to let Kashmiris  live in peace but if pressed by Britain and its allies like USA and European powers, New Delhi would have no other option or  to continue to occupy JK and kill Muslims. And, once the world leaders and other despots push for the re-independence of Jammu Kashmir, India will have no justifications to stay on in neighboring JK. The pro-India elements in Jammu Kashmir and pro-Pakistani elements in Azad Kashmir (Independent Kashmir) would reverse their silly anti-Kashmir stand and oppose foreign occupations in whatever form – illegal occupation or legalized control.


India must remember that resolution of Kashmir issue in favor or of Kashmiris seeking sovereignty is vital for peace in the region and world.


د. عبد راف 

Dr. Abdul RuffSpecialist on State Terrorism; Educationalist;Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Independent Analyst;Chronicler of Foreign occupations & Freedom movements(Palestine,Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc); Anti-Muslimism and anti-Islamism are more dangerous than “terrorism” Anti-Islamic forces & terrorists are using criminal elements for terrorizing the world and they in disguise are harming genuine interests of ordinary Muslims. Global media today, even in Muslim nations, are controlled by CIA  & other anti-Islamic agencies. Former university Teacher;/ 91-9961868309/91-9961868309

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