Daily dose of ulcers and cancer stop broccoli

Day-to-day dose of ulcers and cancer halt broccoli
(NaturalNews) Eating only a handful of ounces of broccoli can every single day can greatly lessen a person's risk of ulcers and stomach cancer, researchers found. In the Johns Hopkins University study in the journal Cancer Prevention, was published, awarded to scientists from 50 people in Japan is consuming 2.5 ounces of broccoli sprouts or 2.5 ounces of alfalfa sprouts daily for two months. Broccoli, cruciferous vegetable, contains high levels of protection phytochemical sulforaphane. Alfalfa is not a cruciferous vegetable and contains no sulforaphane.At the beginning and end of the study, researchers analyzed the participants of stool samples for the chemical HpSA, known as a reliable marker of infection by the bacterium Helicobacter pylori. H. pylori causes chronic inflammation of the gastric mucosa, greatly increasing the risk of stomach cancer and gastric and duodenal ulcers. While 25 to 30 percent of the population in the United States carry the bacteria in their stomachs, 80 percent have no symptoms of infection. Infection rates are much higher in Japan, with nearly 90 percent, partly due to the shift. Researchers found that among those who ate broccoli sprouts, HpSA levels dropped by 40 percent by the end of the experiment. Participants were then told to prevent ingesting broccoli sprouts. Levels.Consumption returned after two more months before HpSA levels, a study of alfalfa sprouts had no effect on levels of HpSA. “H. pylori is a known carcinogen, “Fahey said.” The fact that we are able, the effects of a pathogen that is also a carcinogen have been reduced, gives us hope that if broccoli sprouts or someone eat broccoli regularly, it would reduce levels of H. pylori and, over many years to cut down the likelihood that they will get this cancer. It is not proven, but the results are very suggestive. “The researchers also found that infection levels were in the stomach by eating broccoli sprouts reduced.” The fact that levels of infection and inflammation were reduced suggests the likelihood of gastritis and stomach ulcers and cancer is probably reduced, “Fahey said.” The evidence is all pointing broccoli or broccoli sprouts are to prevent a position in human cancer. “Researchers believe that most of broccoli, the protective effect comes from its high levels of sulforaphane. In addition to its function as an antibiotic, stimulates these chemicals the body has a number of enzymes with different health benefits to be reduced. Previous research has shown that some of these enzymes to protect skin from sun damage, while others lessen inflammation and prevent heart disease.In a second experiment, the same team researchers fed H. pylori act in mice infected either pure water or broccoli smoothies for eight weeks. A then examined the stomachs of animals for levels of H. pylori. The numbers of infection are not in mice drinking water has changed, but substantially reduced in the broccoli group. When researchers genetically different group of mice for the failure to take certain protective measures to activate the enzymes, but a diet of broccoli smoothies had no effect on H. pylori to Steven H. Zeisel of the University of North Carolina, which has not been infection.According participated in the study, sulforaphane also stimulates the body to produce enzymes help the liver clear carcinogens . “People who eat more broccoli air, his liver and other cells to destroy cancer-causing substances,” he said. Although cooking has been shown that sulforaphane to lower the level of 90 percent, said that even two Zeisel vor three ounces cooked broccoli per day brings a particular advantage. Other vegetables also stimulate the body's natural anti-cancer mechanisms, he added,, and recommends an increase “the amount of plants in the diet.” He warned that supplements alone will not provide the same benefit as a diet rich in vegetables. “It's probably a combination of ingredients in the plant, which is responsible,” he said. “If you try to extract to a pill, it does not work normally.” Sources for this story are :;

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