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February 25th, 2007 2 comments

Hi what exactly is a night ..its a obsession, for life,
for peace , for the deep ends of your own life, silence never else a better voice..just need to listen to it  ..Apurva

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The Day,The Decision, and Your Head

February 25th, 2007 No comments

How exactly can a day start? there are several ways ..good , bad,…, cool and several other ways have a different be true you have a diffierent idea …that’s it ..but why i am i here ..for a it so..well..every one is here for the same ..then we have to decide.We have to think., one thing that i know about us guys i have seen ..that’s the last thing that we do.What exacty should be done ..what exactly should be the status of our life, of our thoughts..that is what is missing out of the life.decisions start with the word money and end with the word relationship..wells so what is it that u think..that it is going to matter and how much is it that the life is going to matter to you..that is really to be thought..why can we not think for a word that can not be synonimous to the words relation or money .Nature has a rule what u think what u speak is what u turn into ..its what u dream that makes u ..the one u want to be..We are lacking that ..U ask others why india is not america, japan , germany…because they dream different then u ..the man there dreamt a nation..they dreamt a better life..that’s why they have what we are jealous off…and we say we have not been given…it is what u dream..what u act for ..just need to think abut it, is it possible….Apurva

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Its the same untill the same is killed

February 25th, 2007 No comments

Well one big thing the day will never come untill u will open ur eyes..or move out of the dark room..can this country change untill we will try to bring out …instead of  justifying the every day happenings ..if there has been no such change in the past 60 years …what is  the meaning of justifying the old ways …that this went wrong…last time thing is there that i understand ..if u wish to change than change ..if you can not change by the last way then change ur ways…Apurva

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