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I want to sleep,
i want to have a night,
i want to close my eyes with a smile on my face,
will you let me sleep  my heart ,
will i have the sleep in my eyes ,
i can not promise will i have the peace of the dreams,
it is not, i want to lie down,
it is not, i want to wake for an empty day,
but i want my eyes to smile when i go to bed,
why is it that a sleep is so heavy for my brows to come down,
i am here in this land , on this day ,
wanting a simple sleep, but u know i just cannot have the  sleep,
for my head lies there in pain,
my heart sours in death of the day,
that has passed , mourning on a dream,
paralysed by the lost grounds,
it is awaiting for an endless day to end,
waiting for the light of the sun that is about to shed its last yellow,
its having  a offering of the night ,
but it is not looking for the same yellow  for which it was here for,
lost in the desert of self silence,
it is searching for the smile,
that will let it have the pleasure of the dusking drift,
i await for u my sleep,
awake in my dreams ,
awake in my days ,
i am here awaiting ,
that a day will come when
when i will have the day at end,
and the sun will take me at the moon light…
i await with the closing eyes
for tomorrow i ll awake with the searching eyes,
insomniac as ever..

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