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Beautiful ! YOU ARE JOKING

I was there standing in the dark,
Standing next to silence,
I was there standing at a bus stop.

I was there at the night,
I was there standing ,
lost, waiting for a ride,
there was I, in my shoes,
i was there  waiting for  a bus.

There was a friend standing next to me,
i was  there alone , standing with the wind,
there i stood with the cute little stars,
and with a paining  leg,
I was standing there with my phone,

I was calling my friend,
i was there standing next to a stranger,
I was there lost in my thought,
Wind just came and then left,
I again went on, in search of next stop,
Bus was not there,
She was not picking up the phone,
I was not afraid,
I was not lost,
I was broken,
I was not exhausted ,
I was burnt,
I went on,
I ran on,
I kept on,
I Stood there at the square,
I was new to the lane,
I was not lost,
I was broken,
I had to choose a way,
She was not picking up the phone,

I stood again,
I ran again,
I was  running at mid night,
I was breaking at mid night,
I was there at a known  corner,
I was afraid,
I was hard,
She is not answering, second day is gone,

Then the bike came i was not running,
I was sitting back on the steel,
I was not is pain,
I was not lost,
I had lost something ,
I was not dead ,but my pain was dead,
Will she ever pick up the phone,

I was at my door step,
I was at my gate,
I was  tired ,
I couldn’t smile ,
I was in pain,
I went in, I went to my bed,
I slept off, i had to get up,
I was lost,
Am  i calling too late?
Has she  left the phone in her pocket,
Is she feeling sleepy,

I woke up early in the morning,
I changed my clothes,
I made my bed,
I gulped some water,
I took a pillow,
What will happen tomorrow,
And i dozed off, I had to be  up early,
I ll try again,

I was up early,
I did my morning,
I went out early,
I made a call,
Ring went on
and a minute passed,
I was there i was standing there,
I was feeling the  breeze ,
The tea was cold,
I was alone ,
I was hungry,
I was late,
I went on,
I did no,
I was there with the day,
I was there with my job,
I was there smiling,
But i was cold ,
I was tired ,
I took a break,
I made a call
I gave a ring,
I  gave another ring,
I gave another ring,
Then i switched my phone off,
I have to go back,
I had to go back,
The day was on,
I was still on the desk,
I did my work,
The day was gone,
My day was up,
I was up,
I had to go  home,
I  went on,
I was in the cab,
I was with the songs,
I was with the Night,
I was there with the phone,
I gave a ring,
It went on , I kept the phone on,
I went off,
I have written a heart,
I have to get up, I have to go home,
I have packed up,
The life is silent,
The moon is on, stars are up,  songs are mild,
The day is up,
I am on my way,
I am hungry,
I am hungry,
I will have a tea,
I am happy.
I ll not call  her again…


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  1. jaren
    November 17th, 2007 at 16:48 | #1

    Solemn article. It make me lost in thoughts.

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