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Being Indian…its not about changing Dipers!!!!


I have been always thinking of writing on this matter.But i my self had no idea what should be in there. Very difficult to know and understand…but a few days before .i met a room p’s  senior..he is an engg..and then i had a heated discussion with my brother why do i call so many people every day… gave a clear sight of the words i can frame…

we were discussing abut the enterpreneurs….and the indian working culture on whole..
.it turned out… the basic feeling is what am i about…every one says india..but every body means my family .first…Its what they say is indian .i ..india..and everybody……….and the person was like…same as every one i have ever met…. ..and discussed the matter directly or indirectly…every one says family comes first .for it my  development comes first..and once i am stable family  comes is  my country…my nation and i love it…i feel like laughing over them..because this course of living life can mean only one thing..bunch of men sitting in front of tv shouting for indian cricket team ..or a man saying indian after getting drunk…or if he is really well educated ..u know the one  who belong to metros..or are high rankers in the society..a really good discussion on a public or private forum ..a good article from there side..either in a news paper… or a private diary ..or  a speech ..or a discussion abut india,where they will be the most hardcore indians…(one reason for it may be coz thats the only way they could satisfy their dead nationality..for never else they take a chance to be indian!) …its really a denial of the real world..the  set of priority they keep are the one that are the part of life some thing that is in a cycle..and never will come to an end.and they want to keep nationality after all of these !!! Imagine a sports student saying i ll prepare for my written exams only on days when.. i wont have to exercise……life will go on family is there for ever..u grow ur family goes on family is part of life..part of daily servival..and being indian is a part of or character ..of ur blood..just as a career oppertunity never knocks …Nations development is the same.u have to work when the time is too will go away..imagine a father saying.” i ll chnge my kids dipers only on days when i wont have a meeting !!!” if the life will leave him an off on sundays saying..he has to change dipers…. 

Point is country doesn’t want you to change dipers…it already has some maids for her, to do this.It wants you  give her a smile each day ..when u go to your office. It wants you to take her in your lap and say i love you ..every the morning ..(just as you never forget good morning to your boss)…to every one near by u ..who is fine …and if you find   one near by who is crying and you feel the smell.just call the maid to change the diapers…thats it …and yes if on ur day of off if you can really take  a off..with the country and change the diaper..once in that will turn out to be really great …really i mean it …but it is not that necessary..if you will just go giving a smile to the baby..and do your office work sincerely so that next day when u see the bady ..stay just a moment to kiss the kid…and take a minute in your office to talk abut her..then …you will be the best father.. son…what ever you feel you are…or you want to be….and you know what its really worth it we may not feel the difference but surely our next generations will because if you secure ur self..then there is a chance that your kid will enjoy a great life for his life time..but if you stregthen the nation…then the gamble  works for generations.…Apurva

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    Great idea

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