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One nice day i decided i want to go ahead, that was some day back in past.i moved i retraced .i fell. i walked..and i am here…
Three days i took a decision to walk again….it was difficult..but it has been 3 days..and i am here with my words….still standing..three days and i am great friend God ..has started the usual too..the same thing that i dreaded most in my back..the monster is out of the bottle. I have again been left alone..this has been the trait of my life ..i take a decision that will help me live better and my friends do off the cliff..
I had my first public fight again the office again..reason.because it turned out that one of the aspiring leader of the training batch found a chance to bring me down(the only reason i dislike indian engineer graduates has been the hunger for being the leader that they have..main problem being .they just want to be the king and others servents ..who will work for all the time..they, like kings will sit back..and eat up on it…man with a knife…man i today i beleive are the basic reason for my country’s slow rate of development…for these are the man who eat on the real workers to fulfill their money and power hunger compromising the nations interest.I’ll write about it in detail with time.).
…and as we two are residents in same hostel..this is something that is going to raise hell..In a new city ..with no one i know,i can trust..i am here to perform to test my to get the things done my way..the way i believe my life will is harsh is rough…but the life is is great …my last last job has given me a great value for my life..great honor for the one called GOD…and i here stand with only the memories of the good times that he has given with the god as my soul parter and friend.

I have pledged..i will stay ..i have fallen …but today i rise.if staying alone is what is there for me.if being a different man is what is there for me..i ll stay ..and i ll make the best. I will not go down.I AM.. I AM A CITIZEN OF INDIA…and i will do my duty.

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