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The days come and go..

there was a break of the schedule. A break in my daily more fall over. the 21 days feel like small time but when it is about breaking the old bad habits..its like a century..when ur body craves for some thing….its difficult to get it off.
My brother once taught me if u want to let go of something.just let it go.If u want to drop a key just drop it why to think about it.I have tried it but lets say .for me its not easy .for me its like a fish taken out of water.but since the time i have realized that this habit is taking a toll out of me, my career, my health, my mind, my body, and social practice .its time to let it go its time to move on its time to act as a man..time to be the fit and going ..
You have to change life ..i am still left ..a
man untill he gives up is still alive ..and the future is still to come..i can not comment what is in the future..i can not say about the past ..but must understand the present is in our hand and i have to make it better so that the life becomes more and more lively ..if it means struggle than let it be…may the god be there for ever and ever…


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