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Its my first experience.Its my first time..and i am done.
I wanted to meet a girl, being on frank side.wanted to date one.its cool..she is in a different city..i decided i ll get my other works done too…i am prepared with a is cool..that was 2 hrs before…i submit a report..the boss finds it is cool..great!!..and decides a session on the same..on which day?? .the day i was supposed to be on leave..i go to him .say this is that and that is this..he!! says this is this and that is this..i cant say ..i want to go and meet a girl…pls ..dont do it..pls….!!!..i am meat..i am a clown…i am here…i’ll be cancelling my date..i ll staying here because i am here to learn.because i am here to be do work…i agree..but what about me the person..the day has been great but ..the end its killing me…
..should i laugh ..or should i! i cant decide..
some feeling like helping me..!!!

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