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a friend

some are good friends,
some are great ones…here something that i wrote for a friend,

you know of the moon,
it still looks silent to me,
do you know of the sun,
it still gives me a burn,
i do know of the wind,
but she comes just at the night,
i do have seen the greens,
but they just dont dance with my heart,
but there  is this guy,
a head of kid who is there
to chear me with a tear
 and make me cry with a smile
friends are so many,
but one like you is some one
who i ll have to remember
 for more than a while….

thats what i say each and each good frend must be like..

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  1. May 21st, 2007 at 22:35 | #1

    Nice sentiments. regards, Angel :)

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