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dont want to stop


This is a different day,
this is some thing that i always wanted to happen to me
I wanted it to happen all the time, one day when i will be serious
for my life, i ll be serious about my work, where i want to go,
what i want with my life, what are my principles in life,
my reasons will get clear,

this is the day ..Am I happy!!
quite frankly writing, no!! why? well this type of day has happened to me too many times.Happens with every one..this is one day i always wanted to happened to me so many times..

today…i feel, matured to one more level..(just as every one of us does)
take it as a joke ..even i am taking it the same…how can one decide his level of maturity, this is one day, this is just like another day…

God in his own ways gives us chances..he gives them each moment..he never specifies a moment..what is different in such days ? well this is one day when i am feeling my own strength in myself..its one day when i feel my heart pounding, soul  screaming that i want to work hard..its not a cry saying God ! come save me..Its my heart saying to me start your life..slow down your pace of thinking…kick your pace of working..

There is a kind of restlessness in my heart. that comes out everyday..
i beleive it comes in comes in everyday..Its day when the body is not ready to accept the death of the nerves ….death of the blood in my veins, wants me to start to never to stop.

Yesterday had a chance to watch Coach Carter
one thought burnt my bones..
my greatest fear..
its of facing ourselves..its facing our own sun…
the light we carry..of doing what we can…its not the darkness inside us that scares us the most  …but its the power that we carry of changing..that makes us hide us back..

One time was there when i didnt like to share such deep thoughts that i have…but today i am sheding this fear to mine..i am giving up my fear  to not to share my thougth ..because i am still not following..
but here i am searching for answers.

..i  am searching for my heart. i have made my words on a page.This day on there is one fear that i will not carry with me.that what i write, am i worthy of writing it or not.

A man’s life is full of fears, shedding them one by one..
will help..i dont know will it help me is getting back on trek ..
but atleast i have dropped one load, i need not carry..
see you God..
have a nice day..and thank you..

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Quite different..thats life

Hi ,

Always wonder what you are all about,
its hard but i wonder,
what are we all about,
i wonder who i am
i wonder why you are,

its not that hard to understand,
its hard to accept ,
He went off saying,
you cant be done,
you cant go off,
I still wonder what i am about,

Do  you know i was there,
near to your heart and life,
wont lie came there not for you,
i never knew you were even there,
but i was there searching for a wind of life,
i found you thought it was something bit about u,
one fine day even you went off,
i still wonder what i am about.

I was standing there,
came there living my moment
i came by your heart, thought you were the one,
but you went away,
i realized life is not about you,
i never was about you,
questioned the Father,
what i am about,
he said ” I wonder”,
and i came to the next door,
wondering what i am about,

who are we
who am i
what am i
still wonder,
till yesterday i was searching the answer,
today i felt for how long will i,
time just is flying ..answers too are,
some time here and some time there,
i go on searching,
i go on thinking,
what are we about,
its about u and its about u,
i dont want to wonder about who i am,
still a day passes by,
i am alone,
and i realize i am still  wondering  what i am about.

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