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Its Raining.!!

Hi ,
It  raining…Today’s second day of rain., one good shower and the world starts looking different. your  prospective towards life, world , beauty , girls, people, politics, books everything changes.
Its  a new life, its a new and great world that awaits, i love rain. i love the  touch of rain drops(to be true i  even love getting wet in  thunderstorm too.) ..there’s a magic that lies in  the humid air. Its makes you feel wet, it makes you feel…you are vulnerable.

childhood, one day i was out and a thunder shower poured in. i had no place to hide., then i never needed one.It isn;t  that i still like cold water bath., but  i can take a shower now, and i love to get soaked in water. Let it be with a pipe, or in holi or  pool, water fight, or  sea water.I just had my first experience of sea too.

Since last so many days ..i was out no blogs. no notes…I dont keep a diary now. just this i  was missing  a computer..i was out for  a trainging , technical one thats what it was , learning thats what it meant, out in desert , with  collegues, just a hostel, great food, community nothing no girls, no life, no net no hang outs, just a hoslet covered with ground all over thats it. every day take a bus and go to the site , learn there. and then  come back to sleep, to have sleep is really great.
For the  first time in my life i  saw a ship, first time in my life i  started feeling what really a dream is. what really  huge is. How can a person live in a desert? strended, alone, out of contact? Yes, he can give him a dream, give him a heart , and he will , thats what i learned. thats what life is all about, life is all about dreams not about dreaming, but about having them , and then making them make true. I may not be writing this much in future , soon i will be leaving for the site…but ill live a dream.. i ll be with a dream. I have learned for first time what sea is like sea water a wave feels…Apurva

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