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6 am in the morning,  sun
is still meters away from the rise.Though the light grew enough for me
to walk out of bed and move out for the morning run. “It  has been
3 weeks since last practice.”.. Was little afraid  how far can i
go after suffering from lazyrenzia for some twenty odd days..Still the
legs made   for about 10 mins. i was little tired. Decided to
walk..for some time. some one inside shouted..Oh! horse head twenty
minutes are left..Its a   compulsory rest, can help it..Its
so difficult to keep on.Just  there  across the lane past the
distance for a  truck. there was a  chitting sound , and a
spark kind of the  thing. from a wire.Got to call someonel. Then
“its regular.! dont worry.”..

It was a spark on one of the towers for elecricity supply.And it was
contineuous, energy surge. I realized its  regular..keeps on
happening all the time. But it was diffirent. It was contineuous.It
sparked  a thought in my mind,   i was lost.Opened my
eyes..and found a mode standing in front of me. I said. ” you again
mode(i call them all the same,   they look  same too.)
Tell me whats it thats on your mind. Same as you have. “I  
should have guessed!”

 So, is it true.?

I guess, so.,

There are so many lives, how can it happen?

mode” but it is so?

It was easy to accept but if mode was saying so, that  is, he knows too much.

how many lives can come there  next to the blink.

first it is a star, and second , it depends , sun has 9 +1 planets, and
so many small and large   thiings moving through.What more do
you want. to know.

It will take some time,..mode, to understand it in this way.

This theory means..that stars nothing but an open circuit at one of the
joints of the electrricity cable..Hard to digest, but looked true.

This whole world in front is nothing but poles..universe is space and
there are cables there to supply electricity to whole of the universe
for some creatures who are    million times larger then
us. Like here,  there also is  damageof the wires..and all
those wires damaged at ta pole lets the energy  out…and creating
a surge..a small spark line..that remains on every moment.. and it
produce heat for  a life to matter.since it produes so much heat.
this brings a life to come to it, small particles  gether around
it to  servive,its own planet Thia way, a so;ar system is formed.
and with the energy from the spark one more of me in million forms will
come to life..

Mode does that means that    part over therei is a sun
and there are the planets., similar to the sun. and planets with us. as
that are there in the sun. ..Apurva

it is not 4.00pm,,see you guys…

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