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Lost and lost.

Much different that what i thought it will be,much different than what i thought it means,

It is different like my summers,
and like my winters,

It is just like myself,
it is just like mylife,

I am here for you,
I just could not say it.

I liked you,
I just want to know do you do or not,
i am afraid to ask you,
but why are you too,

Its not easy,
i am afraid i will loose you again.

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My Summer

It doesn’t rain

hard is it not ?
to feel a heart,
hard it is not ?
to keep a heart,

hardest is it,
it hold a heart,
hardest is it,
to tell it,
to let it know,
love is not forever,
it is just love,
it is not a bond,
it is just love,

Listens it not,
understands it not,
like a log it stays on the ground,
weeping for a lost sky,
telling it misses the last summer,
telling that the desert hurts.

But it does not want to understand,
love is not forever,
love is just love,
not a bond, not a commitment,
love is just love.

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