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Loss is not over

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Loss is not over


Silence killed me all,

I spoke a month with you,

I spent a life in heart,

I gained a heart with you,


I felt the heart was yours,

Kept if well,

Even when the skies were dark


You left, leaving me in open,

I stood closed with lines,

I checked the heart,

It was still alive,

Smelled with the sweat of the sun,


Amazed I was,

Redness of love it had,

I felt may be you were smiling,

Hurt by the thorns I held,


I reached out to the winds,

Calling your name to the angels,

Drowning in the dark of the smiles and the sun,

Screaming in the woods,


Drowned in the land of sea,

I still remembered your name and words,

Today as I moan for the last,

I hear the voice of a lost soul, whispering,

Son! It was me you were following all along.

Words belonged to us both

April 16th, 2008 1 comment

Words belonged to us both.


It ain’t love, if it was, you could have told me about it,

I could not say, did I really loved you?,

I never knew how to love,

But if were in love, you could have told me about it,


Obsession! True for me,

Hate true for me, I never knew else how to be,

But if you knew the real, you could have told me about it,


I am not easy to get through,

For me yes but was not for you,

I spent nights on calls with you,

If it was not true, you could have told me about it.


Felt a heart, hope it was not wrong,

Was it love?  I could not understand,

But you too knew something,

Crossing the bridge was not alone for me,

It is true for us both,

If it was right time, you surely could have told me about it.

Past is not away

April 16th, 2008 1 comment

Past is not away


It feels no love that I hold for you,

It feels no heart that I seek with you,


It feels it is not you but is a man far away,

It feels I am missing you, but i miss him,


I am used to not to miss him,

I have forgotten how to miss him,


May be since you were the best friend I had,

May be since you are the best frnd I had,

It feels I find you too close to him,

When I cry, I am missing you!



But when i wake up in the morning,

with a lady in thought who is not you,

but is a girl far away from your names,

i realize the showers i never had,


hold me close,

hold me without tears,

and i am missing a man,

i never had as a child.

and he i am missing him.

i am not loving you.


April 16th, 2008 1 comment




I ainít in love,

I feel fear is all,

Only that is on my mind.


I am not a swimmer,

Itís just that the fear

Drowning is on my mind,


Its not love that I guess,

Its just the fear of loosing you that is on my mind,


I need to cry for missing you,

But I think it is more of missing

That makes me cry,


Love ainít on my mind,

Neither is yours being lost,

Itís the feeling that I guess,


I never smelled you close,

Neither did I even had a chance to

Held your hands,

But you were there close to my eyes,



Yes it is just a feeling,

Yes it is just a feeling,

And I am not in love,

Itís just a fear of loosing,

And that is all that is on my mind.



April 16th, 2008 1 comment



I donít find me ending anywhere,

But I do find my dreams starting over again,


Never was it ever about the last tomorrow,

Never will it be about the past I will create again,


It is about a simple boy,

And it is about a girl,


It is about a dream,

It is about a day,

It is about the cloud in the corner



And I love saying that I loved you

Coz I still donít remember,

What love is all about?

Birth of a smile

April 16th, 2008 No comments

Birth of a smile


It was not a bright tomorrow,

It was not in the waiting waters of near by sea,

It was born on the day of my smiles


I held it close to my heart,

I held it next to my dreams,

It was born on the day of my smiles.


It never was in my actions,

It never touched my thoughts

It was just born on the day of my smiles,


I have been reborn like a cat,

Reborn again n again,

Held you a lot many times, closer,

It was a feeling of love,

I think it was born on the day of your smiles.


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