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I ainít in love,

I feel fear is all,

Only that is on my mind.


I am not a swimmer,

Itís just that the fear

Drowning is on my mind,


Its not love that I guess,

Its just the fear of loosing you that is on my mind,


I need to cry for missing you,

But I think it is more of missing

That makes me cry,


Love ainít on my mind,

Neither is yours being lost,

Itís the feeling that I guess,


I never smelled you close,

Neither did I even had a chance to

Held your hands,

But you were there close to my eyes,



Yes it is just a feeling,

Yes it is just a feeling,

And I am not in love,

Itís just a fear of loosing,

And that is all that is on my mind.


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  1. May 15th, 2008 at 11:10 | #1

    We can write saga on our losses always….it is true…

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