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A lot far, a lot gone away

November 21st, 2008 1 comment

A lot was what she wrote to me,

a lot was what she taught to me,

said a bit,   wrote a bit,

i heard it all,

in matters moments,

in matters of months.

i leanred it  bit,

in a matter of  bit,

in matters of an year.

I learned her,

with the touch of her voice,

with the touch of my heart.


And i left for far away.

Left no heart,

left no  spark.

Just learned to move away.

A bit too close,

but a bit too  far.


” Love is not  a noun, it is a verb. It is not felt, it is done”

She taught me nights,

she taught me handsome,

i learned my heart away.

“You will never be loved untill you will love someone else”


I learned to cry,

i learned to live,

she told me i am not alone,

she showed me i am not unknown.

I stayed for as long as  i could,

walked as fast as i could.


I took all the lessons of love

but moved fast to learn the last,

“You are good at your work, but  you always leave at last step of ladder”

I stand still as the Last,

I stand as the beginning,

I walk as a ghost,

may be as a lost son,

known for a world,

walking for a world.


But i stand alone.

A too bit too close to a world, a little bit too far from my own.







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