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I want to write whole day and night about a girl, about a woman, about lot many things that came and went by. I can write stories of untold, and write the stories of future. I can write. I write them.

I love writing about my self, and about the things around me. Do you know there is a reason behind it. My mind has a great creative potencial. It can grow things out of itself. I don’t know what it is called but i can grow things in words which just can’t be imagined. 

Mind is a great slave, but a terrible master.

Its a machine, an bio-organic machine, a system which is capable of using cells as per the data encountered. I can write, i can imagine, i find myself as a slave to my own mind. Reason, my information system is blocked by the emotional part of the brain. By emotion i mean the secretion of various harmons and juices, engulfing the thinking part of brain.

I undergo the same programming instructions, again-n-again, due to high secretion of harmons every day. This is leading to decrease in all of my physical and mental activities.

I challenge my self since this moment….i challenge the position my mind has put me in..


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