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April 30th, 2009 1 comment


Been through newspapers. News, internet. Mumbai has voted: 10 %, Karnataka: 15 %,  Jammu: 4%.

Choice: It has been long asked for, it has been long demanded for. There are men who are not able to exercise this basic right, a dead system But still a lot many of us have been given this basic Right.

Are we afraid to make a choice, Are we afraid to speak out: we don’t want this guy. Or we want this person. Being still? Is it going to resolve the issue.


I will tell you a story about me.

I studied at a famous college in madhya pradesh. Studied engineering there: I was a simple guy, had a little choice: lower class guy(that’s what we are taught).  The college was another MP college. There was raging there, simply exploitation of simple people by collegues by fella friends. Three and half years of my college life i had no choice, i had to live, survive among people who were their exploiting my bovine nature. I listened to my family that i have no choice. I listened to them, “go through it silently”. Just go through it and come out. Studies are more importent, they will change your life.

But i will tell you, i burned inside. I will tell you, i killed myself i don’t know how many times.  In that single room of mine, i killed the last of creativity that i had, i killed last of my emotions, i died there, anyone i knew died there in my mind forever. I say- i did not have a choice. Eh!!

NO I HAD ONE. I could have opted out. I made a mistake, I choose security above being a man.

I was wrong. I was taught wrong. It is not the fault of those, who teach us wrong. It is more of fault of us, who do not exercise their right to choose. It is fault of those who have the opportunity to choose, but they do not. It is not about winning, it is about saying in loud words, I CARE.


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Baat to hu jovi hati

April 30th, 2009 1 comment

I like reading poetry, hindi, english never been too dificult. But gujarati, i couldn’t write better then this. If anyone is offended by the level of language, my apologies. Edited version will be better.
Comments ( if any) can let me know if i can contineu or not. I do not intend at all to reduce my traffic at all.

Savaar jo thai,
Ki koyal ni kook thai gai,

Thaata na hu nindad maa,
aakhi raat, tameri yaad jota
mari dil ni pan savar thavi gai.

khyal ma jo hata hun tamari,
vaat kiraano na sathe dhoor thai gai.

Ek beeja ni chahat maa
divas ne shuruat kari deedhi che.
Tame jo na madhya, to na sahi,
tamari yaad na kavita ma piro,
aaj ni savar ni rajuat kari deedhi che.


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April 27th, 2009 3 comments

Words create words,love creats loving,

Was just there reading a fella ilander.

felt like adding up..
writing to remember…

aalam mein tanhai,
zarurat to bagh karti hai,

ishk ke siva nazar,
is bagh mein tabassum aur bhee hai…

Mein kis khayal me khoya,
teri nazar ko dhundhata hun,

ishk ke siva,
zamane me safar aur bhee hai.

Kis mod par kiska hal iska ho jai,
Hamari taranum mein
ishk ke bina shabnam aur bhee hai.

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Dreams a b c

April 26th, 2009 1 comment

It just happens a lot,

You sleep, wake and

Vroom!! jumps a thought.


There is a fairy,

and there is a star,

There is a sweet girl,

you in a flying car.


Above the woods,

dreaming in your eyes,

sweetly kissing the dream,

sitting next to thy.


It goes on and  on,

untill you slip down ye’ bed,

no pain, no hurt,

just a nose, looking red.







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Turning Points( Ye darakhta aabhi sukha nahin)

April 25th, 2009 No comments

Hi, Pain, forget and move ahead. Easy said then done. I know a hunt, wounded, scared still alive.
I know a hunt, which ended with the hunt alive, but the hunter having taken everything else the hunt had known to live for.
Pain, forget and move on ahead. Easy said then done. How it feels to look at the same hunter, satisfied after ending your world, leaving you alive.
This work is dedicated to a society i know, alive, yet dead, helpless, which probably has given up.
To people who are alive, may be because they don’t have the choice otherwise. A society, which has learned to live, with anger, anger splurting on everyone else. Only because that is the only thing that could possibly do. A place where i think every philosophy has ended, because, no preacher/philosophy has ever been able to answer their only question, rightfully asked” where is justice”.
For there has been no preacher, no leader in this country, who could end their misery, Coz , he too is helpless.

Hope i beleive, is the answer, but it too can not answer their questions “You could not do us justice”. And the system stands there helpless, because it knows it has no answer.

I write this, so that i can atleast feel good enought to just dare back to go back to the place” i call home”

राह की बात है
मज़िल तो काफिर अब मुकाम नहीं
चलते हुए, मेरे रासते को ढूँढना है |

कयामत का दर्द लिए घूमता था, गलियो मे
कयामत की तो अब खबर नहीं,
मेरी कब्र के दरवाज़े को ढूँढना है |

मौत तो निगल ना पाई हमें
आशियाने को ज़मी कर गई
राख मे मेरे शामियाने को ढूँढना है |

अब ज़िंदगी की फिकर किसे
जो बाकी बचा है खून,
किनारो पर नये फूलो को सीचना है |

भूल पाना उस मंज़र को,
काबिल तो क्या, हासिल भी नहीं
लेकिन मौत की आदत जो पड़ गई है,
सूखे तड़पते, दरख़्त को जड़ से खिचना है |

वो पल ज़िंदगी, मंज़ूर काबिल नहीं,
लेकिन मारना जिंदगी,
स्वर्ग के काबिल नहीं |

चल नये फूलो को जीने के आज़ादी बाँट दे,
हमसफ़र के साथ,
ये सफर न हुआ पूरा अमोल
तेरे लखते जिगर को आज
आपनी जिंदगी बाँट दे |
…………………….With love

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It is not snowing yet

April 24th, 2009 2 comments

I will write a later,I need to do a bit,

Still i keep on coming back to you,
Thinking i can write my heart and life with you.

I know i belong, a town not in this hill,
I know i stand, a bird, flying a sky in the sun,

Still i keep on coming back to you,
May be there is someone ahead,
May there is a peace that is born inside,
May be this is the peace that lies inside.

I  write, but breath a sea,
I write again-n-again, but the peace comes
far away- with the smell of sweat and love.

I stand again, i love with two.
With none, standing loving,
still far away.

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April 24th, 2009 No comments

Smile and forget that we even knew each other. Smile and forget that there ever was a someone called us.

Its simple, just forget that ever there was anything called us.
Its simple, leave the last letter that was written.

So now! just go out, and ask for me,
I am not there standing for you.

Its happiness,
It belongs now with us.


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A some time from now.

April 14th, 2009 1 comment

A life is precious, precious then any thought. Search for heaven has lasted long, it has been searched for since an unknown time back. We search, we strive have ended life times asking for a world beyond what has been given to us.

Its not known to me, what actually will happen. It is not known to me, what god will grant me,

but for now, today, this second, there is only one thing on my mind. To finish 42.

42 represents to me the pain that i carry along, 42 represents a peace in lungs filled with fire.

A time when your body has ended to strive for everything it has known. A time when brain, has no sense left either for rejoicing or for pain else for begging. It known only this moment. It knows only one thing.

It understands only one point. Finish line.

Obsession. Born from Obsession.







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Steps Of Lovin’

Its a small game,Wake up and take her name,
Close your eye,
And ask her passing by,

Add a smile,
have her sit by you for a while,

It will all come true,
If you loved her the best,

It will all be real,
If you loved her the zeal,

I too planned it the other day,
Line one halted me,
Still could not get her name,
Even till this day.


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Its in me

Its not importent for you to be a great man.
I say you start with being a boy first,

Just go you your home,
try loving your food,
just go to the park,
start playing your games,

I need you to laugh,
I need you to play,
I need you to start crying,
but not for the last gift,
may be for a wound you get,
May be for a leg you broke,

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