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D ‘em O’s crazy

Let me start with a simple example. You, are the eldest son/daughter of the family. One day your father decides to let you go out and let you decide what you get for a fan. You have been given the money. You have been made responsible for the purchase. What you do?

Go to the market right, you are the leader, right, what do you buy. Don’t tell me, think for your self. What will you buy. Anything, the right thing, or the thing you know the best. I will buy an AC that i know the most about. That i have seen on TV, may be the one i have seen at a friends place or at your office. May be you will ask your friends, or may be ask your relatives.

Easy, doesn’t even need a thought. May be you will buy anything that goes. A fan means nothing these days, right?

Let’s increase the price range, should we go for an AC instead of an Fan, who will you trust? Not the shopkeeper will you. You will thnk more, ask fewer people. Let’s go us a ladder. You have been given money to buy a Car, what will be your choices, whom will  you listen to??  Lesser people, may be go for the catalogs, you will listen to the dealer more, he knows the best. OK Let’s come to the second last stage-
You have been chosen by the Government to choose an aircraft for the state?? You are still the same regular Indian. Why have you been choosen?? Well ! you were the only one to volunteer, you were the only to have courage enough to go ahead and give your name out.
Who will you ask??? Think, Think

FINAL STAGE- Government of india has decided to let you choose, which area they build an oil refinary. What will you do??? Whome will you ask ?
let us  look at your choices-
1. Family?
2. Your wife/ girlfrined ??
3. Your college faculty ???
4. Your neighbour ???
5. May be people who live there????

What is an oil refinary anyways, if your family was the one living there, anychances of anyone knowing why to set up the oil refinary. Benifits?? returns, money coming back, ROI??
How many of us know these things???

Its a long post, isn’t it. But think…think …think… and think again.
You are the leader now! How, you being a leader will take the decision, you are there for the benefit of the family/ country.

A leader is not the most educated or the best man in the world. He is a man who has the quality of standing up, of amking decisions. It does not make him the man with best knowledge. His first, qualifing, criteria is leadership, taking the best decision.

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