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Grains: Still possible to feed INDIA!!


So, we all have been hearing that india is now going to face food shortage, so now we will be importing food from outside.


adding news from around the corners to add:

In Japan, a new breed of wheat has recently been developed: which needs to be submerged in water, Good especially for regions which face regular floodings. ( Still in experimental stage)(BBC can be read in last week’s archieves)

Bolivia: A century old method of flood farming is being experimented with. Here farms are made in special way, a canal by digging the land, next to  it raised farming land strip(enough to be above water, when flooded) then again a canal, again a farming strip then a canal structure and so on. This was- 1. Farm is unharmed, nutrients in soil do not get lost, water stored in canals can be used during dry season even without that heavy diesel equipments. And the nutrients of soil that get washed due to rain also remain at their place not getting lost. It means no more need for more deforestation land does not loose its nutrients, the one which get lost come back when irrigated by the same water.(BBC: 22nd august: Americas)

Cuba: After suffering from the fuel draught in 1989 has developed farming methods free from fuel requirements- a special way of town, city planning: in which cities ae merged with farming plots, that is farming plots are  there situated in the city, next to parking space of your car or bike.(BBC: 23rd Aug)

Undermentioned views are personnal:

We can find small farms, where land is less : growing needed vegetable for the nearby users. Large fields of the size of football grounds(Our case: cricket grounds) for mass produce grains. And well for a country like ours, wher  cattles are allowed to graze and roam around in cities- isn’t it great!! We can actually use the cattles in day time for farming, the owners- small doodhwalas can rent them over for farming during the day time. Cattles will be out of the streets making streets empty, simultaneously getting fed nutritional chara, which have good milk produce. The farmer needs not to care for his animals purely farming business for him, cheaper and healtier then the diesel/petrol based equipments(only needs to rent them up- use then- they go back home).

Also since the market is close by next doors, middle man charges gone, easy consumption, no need of transportation. Even the farm dairies can be envisioned: which can produse according to the need, requirements of the city itself.

A self suffice system for the city, it will grow for itself first, every one getting better, cheaper and faster.( remember- max of money that you pay while dealing in vegetation is third man charges). And can produce profit for everyone knowing the nearby requirements.

…………..And in that case the rottening of Millions of tonnes of wheat every year in Punjab and haryana can also be controlled.( How? : They can get into production by advance contracting: Producing as per the requirements given by nearby: next state Food Dairies). And producing accordingly. I don’t think if a kisan knows that he will be paid only for this much of wheat he will ruin his effort by producing to waste.


What goes in trying?? apply the bolivian method of farming in flood prone areas, they also face draught in summer. Both can be tackled. Their land will remain safe with nutrients, last longer, less chemicals needed. Can be done easily on small scale without assistance from government.

The new breed of wheet being developed in Japan is also a good choice, i don’t have much information on it, Yes government does comes in.

And the method being applied in Cuba. It is revolusionary, i mean if we can have industrial cities,why not have farming cities. This method of farming saved cuba from heavy imports of grains( during 1989, it had nearly lost all its supply of fuel: and its agro industry heavily depended on fuel based machines, but due to application of this method of farming it did good). And for our country- where thind man costs, storage costs are very high, our production and delivery systems still unguided: These methods can be of great use. 


Just think about it………………….Apurva  



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  1. August 24th, 2009 at 09:14 | #1

    nice thought apurva…we need to be self suffcient to feed our entire population of 100 crore besides flood n draught are another area of concern….new methods and tech are the need of time…hope govt will think out of box soon

  2. August 23rd, 2009 at 17:20 | #2

    nice thought ….we need to increase the production of wheat ….

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