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I just cant give you up so soon

I hear you say’ no and no again,

smiling- telling I ain’tyour man.

I listen to every no, you whisper,

I listen to every no you smile

But just can’t stop asking you again.

Every time i ask, i get reasons a lot,

i think a bit, sometimes give it a thought.

Then again i come to you,

saying, it not a reason that meant for me and you.

You remind” i ain’tone your dreamt man,

Butjustcan’t stop asking you again.

Loving has turned an obsession,

More of a daily bread,

I can’tdo itall, but think ofusagain.

Youhave turneda reason,

for what i work and grow,

You keep on denyingeerytime

Buti just can’t stop asking you again.

Your reasons are clear as the seas around,

but this is love my lady,

It looks at only youandi think again

reasons they can tell we are worlds apart,

But i can’t stop asking you again.


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