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Sometimes..its just the time..

I tried so hard,

But the escaping never works for all,

some stay behind,

some fly ahead,

but the scars just come up again n again,

reminding, stopping never works for some souls

It doesn’t matter what you do,

people take time.


People give time.

Since people give time,

does not mean that they are contributing time.

They may be spending time.

And every person has a thought.


Well a big set back…..I fall back to the grounds i started back from.

Can i call people wrong, well they are not, but yes one thing is for sure, For me personally it does not matter. Lets say if i met a hundred guys, who agreed that i must die, does it mean, that i must.

It my life, a life, just because some people think, i am different and must pay for this…should i pay??

I refuse the system which says so.

I am a person, if i am different, i am different, be forward enough to reject me out of the system, but to make me pay..just because  you think all have to be like that…nobody has the right to tell me, preach me, make me … pay for that.

This is what i am finding out- struggle of a man. Letting him exist, under every condition. Knowing that you do are differnt, it just means..for just means..there is a better world that is waiting for me..better means one where i belong. One in which i belong…

…I had to be stupid.. to think India can be made so easy…it takes time. It takes time..It takes lives…It takes higher efforts then the one I have put in till now. …The world is still open for changes. So am I. ………………..Apurva

Its not easy to fly, and once you have learnt to fly, it still needs to work to fly better. To fly in all the ways…Flying alone is not importent( this is what i have learned).

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  1. October 12th, 2009 at 15:11 | #1

    “Aaj se aap ke yahan…dhan. .. ki barsat ho,
    Maa laxmi ka… vaas… ho, sankatto ka…. nash… ho
    har dil par aapka… raj… ho, unnati ka sar par…
    taj… ho ghar me shanti ka…. vaas… ho

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