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Listen but not feel

December 29th, 2009 No comments


I am kind of sick these days, so sorry if you don’t get to read me more or even get to read any thing good. kind of, put me in silent please.
…A drop no more,
.A drop just glittering above the black sky.
 ..sneezing a bit, 
coughing a lot, 
a  drop just glittering above the black sky.
I heard lost,
and i heard it gone.
for a few days…i saw your face turn dawn.
Woke one day, you not the heart, 
just a rhythem..and not a sound…
tried crying, tried loosing..
but ended good somehow.
just a line,
just another word..
you and me..just a ghost.
and a tear missing, a smile seen
a drop just glittering above the black sky
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What’s it about-anyways

December 18th, 2009 No comments

Well, they say

“kim jyotir ayam purusa iti”
and he says- when the sun has set, and the moon has set, and the fire has gone out and speech has stopped…..The self indeed is his light ..for with the self, indeed, as the light, one sits, moves about, does one’s work and returns. 
I love the poem IF. For a guy like me, it helps, you know, you keep on looking for a way to start back your day, everyday. It helps, it has helped me a lot. Atleast it  keeps on giving me a push to get out of my bed.
I look around my room and then i look at my office dresses. Then i look around at my life, i realize its a testing time. Its not a time when i am doing all right. It’s a time when i am lost. Once a friend on this iland had written a post for me, saying why in the world i write. And i had replied so that when i can’t remember anything, i can look back at the times and remind me that it happens.  And then try to run again.
I have not taken a run since long time. The oxygen is nearly out. 
I know it’s not importent out there. What is importent is ” what happens to Andra Pradesh.” May be not, may be  something else is more importent, may be the climate summit. or may be the mumbai proceedings. Could be the elections going on in Chile. 
But I am getting fathere day by day, loosing(gaining) the way i am. And i need to change that is what is importent for me today. 
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