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Take me in: with sweats alright

It is always been the same. I wake up in the morning. I wake up and look out towards the green silents around me, feel the wind that flows around. And it smelters me in. 

I become a part of it. And it is part of me. And then the thought engulfs me up. I start looking around for my wings. Start the search for my wings. 
Its getting cold outside, and when i walk out, i too start to shiver. But once, for once  close the eyes and try to feel th wind. The breeze is cold, it is missing my embress. Then slowly to starts to mix inside, mixes to the deepest of my mind. And suddenly there is not cold, but there is a tickeling, a feeling, the  wind is playing up with me, asking me to warm up so that even it cn feel the warmth of my bones, feel the touch of sweat. 
It is then that  i start running, and i go on running, running untill  the sun takes its place, teasing me that the wind has already left for the next. I can’ stop smiling, for we both understand this obviously. but now the sun is not standing there, he is racing alon with me. Walking along with me, the sweat now no longer drips, it starts flowing throught me. 
The life,
the run,
the loving,
It goes on and on.
GOOD Morning..
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