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A word from sorrow to love


Its a good sunday. I did cleaning of my room. (actually it’s my partner). but got it done. Some thanks go to me too. :)
Here’s a poem I wrote a few days back..for your reads please.

Chasing winds, I have been flying a bit ahead of my porch.

Waiting for a truck to pick me up till heavens of white
& green.

And it stands there, since the time begun till today

Just rushing its way down fast, but never arriving through.


Waiting for it out the door,

Nights came and the houses chaned,

The old river, the old bird, changed to a new herd,

Cottons and bricks of heart,

Now dancing between the concretes and metals carts.


Changed is now the home,

Changed is now even the old lady of mine.

And still there is no truck to come my way,


Walked a bit closer to show it a flag,

Ran and rushed but the truck is still far.

So is now but my star,

The home and the love,

The dogs and the dove,

All belong now to a stream that never was.


Both the ways there is sand and lots of dirt,

And I am still here, awaiting the free bird.


Think I will leave the truck behind

Walk ahead with my little rhyme.

No meaning cursing a truck that

May never come, But no cursing at all won’t do.


Coz in deserts you need to burn a bit,

With less of water feel cramps, feel as a seat.

So walking, walking is for me.

No waiting,  just a
star and my sea.


Let me go roll, and find the garden

That is there no more,

To find the next clue,

To know where must I head

But wait, wait I wish so no more.

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there ain’t no tear

There ain’t no tear that still belongs with me.


I been exploring a lot of ideas lately. I been looking at a lot of people. A few actually(most seem same to me). Fatal exercise if you can understand them. Once you start understanding them, then u loose hope. Maximum are just living, living just like that. And they feel content with that. It means  trying to say anything which is outside of content limit can lead to a rope walk.

Once when I had decided on writing about india in my section “I India“. I had promised, i will write only development. I will only write what is good for the country, what can be built, what can be made. I still hope i can keep that line up.

Today, when i woke up with the newspaper and i checked the front page, things were not in black and white.

For those- who have been wondering why ain’t I writing no views about the movements in chattisgadh and in west bengal and in Telengana. To them (acutally to myself also) I won’t be writing on the matters.
They are importent, but more then that these are a test for india. What they wish more, a united country that will develop itself in whole or a country who wishes to live in their brick and concrete with a figure called GDP which will keep on telling them- smile.

I ain’t, actually i can not. Because right now, i am here loosing my own battles of day and life. So i feel disqualified  to write on these matters. Right now- I am a guy struggling to stay on my own foot.
And I ain’t winning. So it is time only for those to speak who have proved that their policies, thoughts can lead to end results with a big P in front.
I know that they are matters of great importence, but i also they are matter of human choice, of what they love more.

So be it, Let it be. what you wish. Wish an India and that It will be. Mansoon is coming. Time for crops. Its time for rain to fall. I am still searching for my rain. My tear drops. It can not match the one people are having out there. But they are mine and  I respect them.

Sometimes I wish to close “I India” Untill I get up. But that wound not be good. because I still am an citizen and as one, its our duty to express. Express, even our failures. because that is the way ball must roll. Ups send it back, downs make it go and defeats! they give the earthquakes to keep us all back into the world. We ain’t in heaven yet.

Thank you for reading.


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Stand alone Party

A dear love. That is what india has been. Love too much and u loose your mind. Lol. :-)

I am here, sitting down in tamil nadu, in the heart of a place that has got much greenry to be called alive. In fact, I say one of the few cities who have embrace greenry in the midst of development.

so what’s it that it is going to be. As I said, i am in middle of a loose out. To talk of winning when things are ok, is good. Actually its easy to hit the ball when u ain’t chased. Things are different right now.

To quote edison is easy. To be there- one hell. People around say- i am imagining things. But the truth is this is my life. So my monsters may be chicken for others but they are still the same for me- monster.

A point comes in a man’s life. When he feels deserted, its fault of nobody but it just happens. The world goes pounding in his head. It is not only point of decision. Is is also the point when he is deserted from inside. Its not spiritual. Its different.

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Pune: first rose- a section ahead

Well pune, thanx.
You are as lovely as always. Growing at a fast pace. You are beautiful. This is indeed love. Moving ahead in my ride. Keep on loving. And yes one thing, under those huge fly overs we are building- there is a life. Please remember to take time out and look ahead at that part too. It is importent.
take care.
. . . . . .Apurva

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Pune: first rose- Watering up

Well, so i am here. Sitting back in pune. Some where in the market. In a not so busy cafe having a cup of coffee.

Yov have changed. Yes! i can see that. New road barriers, new guns with police, places where only beautictl smiles used to haunt young hearts. Now khakee guys on guard. The city of cheers, now looks like a fortress.

I remember the time. This city was considered a heaven for living, a heaven for being in.

A lot many will say, it still is. The numbers are with yov guys. Congratulations!

From my eyes- high temperature, huge buildings, (But i can’t look at those mountains any more). A growing transportation system. But the bus I took, its taking a lot more time. And the new protection cells to protect us all. Well! that makes it all up.

I been told this all comes with the development. we are safe. We are happy! more lively! So, who’s won? At least i can say trees have not. I am sure they have not. I can’t prove that either.

But i do can see the smiles and the cheers, yov can too. For once, instead of trusting numbers, trust what yov see on the faces. Because that is what is lasts in our mind. I don’t need to prove that.

. . . . . . . Apurva

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Pune: First rose- II

A star just below the walking moon. And my friend here just can’t understand, why i don’t feel like sleeping. Am I tired? A lot. exhausted even more. But the wind is calm and the moon up there doesn’t wish that i leave it alone.

A lot has changed since i left. So many new flyovers. So many new buildings and societies. Whats been going on here? growth that is what all say. I believe in greens, so i disagree.

the birds are starting to chant their songs, moon still there. Feels if the star is telling the moon. Hey! dawn is here. :-)

Over there, the sky is printing its orange aroma just below the star. When the moon kisses the star good night, that is where it will fall. If u don’t believe me- look at it glow when the dawn overrides the darkness. The bed will turn gold.

i will be staying here at pune for a few days. Hope i change. Become what i must. Feel the love inside.
. . . . . . . . . . . Apurva

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Pune- first rose- I

As the train is moving slowly towards pune. I can feel the wind. Mixed with the music of tracks, the music i heard from the sweet throat of those kids make me a bit nostalgic.

Its like a guy walking back to his home, passing through the street of his first love. The nights in pune those cups of tea and cream rolls, that late night movie and that run in the morning. Those mornings running with eyes glaring back at me. And then rushing back to catch the bus. It was an love affair.

My first blog on 14 th, that love that i felt. Its unique, pune had that magic rush to solitude, malls to garden, buildings to greens girls to kids. Nights to days those cafes.

And the train slows down, a few creaks and cracks of tracks slowing down. And i realize. I am still a bit far.

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Amang vani

two little girls singing in front of me- they are singing in marathi. Chorus. I can say it a hundred times but the truth remains the language is sweet. And i can not not ignore it. The beauty of marathi songs lies in its sweetness, its purity and none the less in the singers.
its a marvel what music can do to your soul and your smile.
With love
. . . . . . . Apurva

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Tu bhee nazar ho ja

Khyal se ishq nahi hota,
Ki aab teri zarurat hai muzhe,
sirf mehsus karne se safar
beech mazdhar nahi hota.

mein nahi kashti,
Safar ka deepak,
Saawar takth par,
bina tere lahar ko
mera khyal nahi hota.

muzhko de ek nazar tu,
Kuch pal ko mera saath de.
jod kar kuch takth
Ek naav mein banaau,
ret mein intazaar nahi hota

bahav to hai safar zindagi
mein behtar na sahi,
sirf intazar se bhee hasil,
paar laga gulab nahi hota.

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