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Pune: first rose- Watering up

Well, so i am here. Sitting back in pune. Some where in the market. In a not so busy cafe having a cup of coffee.

Yov have changed. Yes! i can see that. New road barriers, new guns with police, places where only beautictl smiles used to haunt young hearts. Now khakee guys on guard. The city of cheers, now looks like a fortress.

I remember the time. This city was considered a heaven for living, a heaven for being in.

A lot many will say, it still is. The numbers are with yov guys. Congratulations!

From my eyes- high temperature, huge buildings, (But i can’t look at those mountains any more). A growing transportation system. But the bus I took, its taking a lot more time. And the new protection cells to protect us all. Well! that makes it all up.

I been told this all comes with the development. we are safe. We are happy! more lively! So, who’s won? At least i can say trees have not. I am sure they have not. I can’t prove that either.

But i do can see the smiles and the cheers, yov can too. For once, instead of trusting numbers, trust what yov see on the faces. Because that is what is lasts in our mind. I don’t need to prove that.

. . . . . . . Apurva

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