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बाकी कुछ मेरी क़लम

लिखने का मौसम था,
लेकिन आज मौसम ज़िंदगी हो गया|
क्या हो इंतज़ार
जब  किसी मोड़ जिंदगी काफ़िर हो जाए|
क्यों हो इंतज़ार,
जब किसी मोड़ ज़िंदगी बेख़बर हो जाए|
कलम अब इंतज़ार को
दिखा राह,
तू हमसफ़र बन जा,
हो बारिश या फिर एक सूरज
कलम को कर घर,
स्याही को रोज एक 
कविता उधार दे 
है जितना बाकी,  
हमसफ़र बन तू,
मेरे ख्यालो को नज़र कर ले
है जितनी बाकी स्याही मेरे दिल में
ए कलम, मिला कर खुशी उसमे,
एक और पयाम हो जाए||
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दूर नही ख्वाब

खबर हुई एक बहते सागर को,
की दूर एक किनारे
लहरे टकराने से कतराती हैं|
बदल मौसम, वो चला,
जा कर मिला ,
उन बहती हुई लहरों से
जा कर जो समंदर में ही बिखर जाती थी|
पूछा तो जाना,
की उस किनारे नही 
इश्क़ को इजाज़त है
की किनारे पर नहीं,
किसी को ज़ीना मंज़ूर है|
दर्द बहुत है ज़िंदगी,
लेकिन बेख़बर तुम,
ज़िंदगी की पहचान हो.
आज इश्क़ नही तो क्या,
कल देख लहरें एक़,
दिल फिर नियम तोड़ेगा,
एक सफ़र ज़िंदगी को छुएगा|
बह बह कर इस किनारे को 
फिर रेत से सराबोर कर दो,
ज़िंदगी का इंतज़ार करो,
एक दिन यहीं ज़िंदगी 
फिर सिर उठाएगी||
…………………………….. अपूर्व
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The entrance is not dark


Well after yesterday’s post have got my connections back generally lasting for some hours. I wish to use every moment that i have now to write. To write as much as I can.
I have a very clear understanding…very clear, a society that tries to keep u haunted can be considered misguided. But one which has finally dared to evade into your privacy and start blocking you physically. has crossed the final line. A line of no return. And after the post of yesterday and now this one. I wish nothing, 
What ever time I get, i am about to devote to writing as much as I can.
One for Freedom of speech. One word word more and one more…with everything that I have left.
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To meet the first

AA way to raise the cup,
The cup in which I brought the wine.
Let it rise from the desert,
where it hides, with ashes of mine.


  The moments of life.
Every minute you fall,
Every minute you rise,
There is a call,
A call to take you down.
A call to test your pride.

The moments define,
The moments ask you to crawl
Only the taste of dust decides.

To talk of motherland is easy,
To talk of india is fine.
But once you have been heard,
The tests must define,
Are you worthy of talk,
Are you worthy of shine.

Fail my brother,
fail another time,
For the road was always hard,
If you are feeling the shiver,
I am sure, you are walking ahead,
Ahead on the silver line.

One India, One dream. And the obsession must rise. Rise above me, rise even if without me.

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The terns ahead


It all started last year, with Rediff Blogs so called restructuring. Then they actually made my name public as the author of the blog.  Well they have done their best to resolve by 
making my blog a ghost, that is unsearchable. Thank you for that!
But the damage was far done ahead of action. I don’t regret writing what i had written. it is just that i wished to create longer and that is done the best if you are unknown.
Well this post is to officially mark, that my internet connection is now being disrupted( can not prove it as always), crippling me from posting online(i do am able to sneak  few post now and then{hope this one makes it through}) 
But the obsession is my truth. And so is a living INDIA
…the new india is looking beautiful.
Jai Hind.
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वक्त अब सफ़र

एक  पल जो खूबसूरत मिले,
उसको नज़र कर दिल में सॅंजो लेना,
की कल मेरा कोई और रास्ता होगा,
इस मोड़ को तू दिल में बसा लेना|
भूलने की आदत अब ज़िंदगी हो गई,
सोचता हूँ, जो ना पहचानू तुझे,
तो इस कंबक्त को तू पुकार लेना||
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किताबें खोल कर,
कुछ पन्नों को काटा
एक चिपका दीवार पर,
दूजे को दोस्तो में .
दर्द था किसी में,
तो किसी में थी खुशी की परछाई
एक कविता थी लिखी,
और किसी की आप सुनाई
बिछड़ कर पन्नों से, दिल में
किताब का थी एक तन्हाई,
लेकिन पन्नों को नई ज़िंदगी रास आई
कुछ और दूर तक उनका तराना है
जो गुज़रेगा पास दीवार से .
एक जिंदगी से उसे मिल कर जाना है
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When seconds lead to next

Writing good things! 

It is like having a parachute with you, one which you take out of a helicopter and land in greens. Landing in green forests, with narmada flowing near by. What a scene? 
(I have never had the chance). Writing! it just feels like floating in air.
We all love the way life goes on, want it to go ahead the same way.
a friend of mine keeps on tellling me, if a day passes when nothing went wrong, it means you didn’t did anything. Everything was happening and you let the cloth fly in the winds.
To say it flew.
Things go wrong, they are supposed to. Because that is what brings life to an idea. That is what brings life to our souls. Better take your chances, go out there! Miss your bus, miss your girl(don’t hang out with other). but go out and miss something, then go and get it.
To live in security may be good, to live in security does provide people with a base, but that base is worthless. It does not need you. It is the end of you, So you need to break it, use the knowledge and build a new one.
Its a challenge, Go out and loose. don’t dispair, Go out and watch it crash.
Then, collect back your smile and start again.
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सिमट-सिमट एक परछाई
खो गई धूप के गलियारे में,
सूरज ढला कुछ देर बाद,
लौटी नही वो ज़िंदगी के किनारों पे|
कहते-कहते नासूर हो गया,
यार जिंदगी थी या एक ख्वाब
कहाँ जीने का मतलब जिंदगी है,
भटकते आए है जब मुर्द् सारे, 
कहाँ महसूस का मतलब यहाँ बंदगी है|
जो जानते हैं सिर्फ़ कब्रिस्तान की ज़िंदगी,
उन महरूमो को कहाँ, 
महसूस होती हँसी है
जिन्हे दिखती लाशें हैं तरन्णू में
कहाँ उनके दर पर खुशी है मंज़ूर|
बेहोश शायर 
आज भी नही अकल का ठिकाना है|
ज़िंदगी नही तो भी अब गम नहीं
तमन्ना कब्रिस्तान बहाना है ||
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Dry Soil: clouds none behind

How long has it been, 

since i met someone, 
who is love and is life alone.
Some came to raise hope,
so many crossed and left me with a smile.
But them as closely I watched,
Found only black spot.
Was there really one born?
Was there really some one 
who cared for people,
and walked naked legs on thorn.
Even if there were some,
who did it back till 50′s,
since then did we produce only
crabs and dry trees?
When died the 
term named morality?
where did we buried 
the body of humanity?
burned with Gandhi and Patel!
or is it jailed with on air to inhale.
What is it that we are boosting about,
trecery? hunger? or  thurst of blood chilled,
or wait!  of smiling with a black cover,
when a suffered died when we killed.
I trusted men did wished to grow,
but i find, our love is worst then snow.
atleast, snow gives some love,
We men stab untill nothing is left above.
I know I spare pain,
Please don’t read it,
and  you trust your brain,
the post is only about you
No need to smile,
I do not write to be read by you.
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