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किनारों के पास

रोज किनारे की और दौड़ता है,
एक मंज़र, नीला सा सज़ा,
रोज़ दौड़ता है, एक दिन|
दोपहर हो या साँझ का डूबता मंज़र,
कुछ पल है रुकता,
हर पल है चलता,
एक काफिला, रुकता, ठहरता 
नापता हुआ समंदर,
रोज़ दौड़ता है, एक दिन|
हमारा कहाँ,
पार समंदर का नज़ारा,
हमारा कहाँ,
पार रेत, महकता हुआ नज़ारा.
बस दौड़ते हैं, 
पर्वत सी मशीनों के बीच,
चलते है, 
फैलते हुए काफिलो के बीच|
सिर्फ़ ख़बर है, फिकर है
की तैरते हुए जहाज़ो,
को लौटाना है,
उतरते काफिलों को
शहरों की और पहुचाना है|
रोज़ दौड़ता है एक दिन और कई बेसबर,
बिना रुके, बिना थमे,
तैरते हुए जहाज़ो के बीच.
बस दौड़ता है,
एक सफ़र रोज़ाना.
………  अपूर्व
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Do we need to dream?

Why could a man  be dreaming. I mean- is he not satisfied with his present life?Talk to me about any man.

I listen to people, the aim of a man is to raise his siblings, take care of his wife, family, help his relatives. That is what a man should concern himself with. His decisions are to made, first considering his society, considering his family the nearest dependents first. Well if that is achieved then only, must he turn his head anyplace else. 
Well India is having so much of unfulfilled population( people who can not feed their families to full)
So tell me. O unfulfilled man, why do yo dare to dream.
Why do you dream then, why after going to sleep you see new ideas, why you see a new, unreal world. A world filled with happiness, a world where you are a painter or an architect, or moments where you are the master of your moments. 
Dreams are generated by mixing with the similar thoughts already existing in  our brain. And they take the free form, as the logic sections are taking their rest. They explore the wildest possibilities ( no logic cells mean no restrictions, no assumptions)
Tell me why do you dream my love?
of crossing deserts and crossing the sea,
of being with trees and birds,
of feeling a moment in green.
If what you are doing is the purpose,
routed towards heaven,
My angel! why do you wish for another heaven
Tell me why you dream, when sleeps your mind.
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A day in motion

Very soon, I will be writing love again. 

Hope the truth and the fiction match again,
hope the love and motion match again.
i wish I write,  more then the word again.
In Search of Dawn…the blue moon, wishing a start. 
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Sneak peak 1

I don’t even know if my organization knows if this is happening. I don’t have any idea what so ever is happening around. 

But the blocks are now boiling the heart. 
A very good person working around me had told me- don’t try to hop gardens but become a garden. I loved the words and  i wished to follow on them. How much i wish today to learn from him what if the garden is being lit to fire again-n-again.
Earlier i thought the games had ended. But as i see, instead of it these have turned into games. 
I know after the posting of this, i don’t even expect if i have my job or not. I don’t care anymore. 
Because i know, once a game has started, it ends with one out and certainly. this has become a game. 
I am fussed up with these daily “block his GPRS network games”. Actually I am fed up. 
One side I have people who keep on teaching me ethics, one side I have people who keep on teaching how to be good, brave in life, brave enough to speak up for myself, be someone. and the next moment i find somebody from behind blocks my network just when i have wrote a poetry and am about to post it. Waiting for me to finish writing it online and then blocking it the moment I am about to post it takes it no normal person. 
I don’t know actually what else should i be writing or doing ahead  I cant write poetry, i can’t write anything now, without the knowledge of what  be censored/blocked or why. And since i can’t prove anything. i do am ready now, to sit with my bags packed. 
but india I will never stop writing about that. 
……………..Jai hind.
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મારા જોડે શબ્દો  ની બરસાત નથી,
ચે  બે ત્રણ અક્ષરો ના સહારા||
ના મોકલિસ ઍમણે દર્દ ની સગાઈ માં,
મારી કલા ચે જીવન નો સમર્પિત,
મડે જે પ્રેમ તો મોકલો મારા દ્વારે,
ઍક રચના જીવંત થઈ જાયે||
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કવિતા ચે દૂર

દૂર નથી બે કદમ નજીક
કૉક શબ્દ રમતા હાટા,
પોતાને ખબર નથી,
શા માટે કવિતા ની પુકાર સાંભડી
ફરું છૂં શબ્દો ના પાછડ|
કવિતા ચે કી જીવન જોડે રમતી નથી||
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Flow inside

Every heart can breath,

Every heart can beat,
but the smell of breath
that flows inside the dungeon.
The smell of sweat,
mixed with the tears above the cheeks,
the tears that never will leave the eye, 
mixed but with the air,
the smell takes a shape of love,
the smell takes the shape of dragons,
The smell, mixed with the scent of papers,
the heart breathes, the heart eats,
the vapour in the air,
the smell of rain,
that falls above the forhead.
the smell takes you to places,
hearts unseen, hearts unfelt.
Yes! the smell, keeps you alive,
the smell keeps you standing and dancing,
A moment when it touches your palm.
you know one day,
 the dungeons will seize 
and a the day will be born.
with the smell of your breath.
and your pages.
The sweet smell, 
The sweet smell.
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The garden of pages and love

Only two words to express the whole verse. Just like a flower’s smell draws the picture of the whole garden.
Love, a single drop of it, reminds the truth that exists beyond our daily torments, daily struggles. A moment of love letting us know what really a world filled with love could feel like. 
The feeling increases the urge to rise beyond the feelings of hate and remorse and asks us to love back, to smile back. A dream gets formed around us leading us on the road of love. Loving so that we can find the way to that beautiful garden where there are so many more flowers, where there is more loving.
I haven’t felt the same way, hating. When we hate, we do have the feel of hurting, but the urge to do more harm. Urge to search for doing more harm, it never occurs to us.
Love itself leads to love. How wonderful the poem is!
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नर्मदा का उफान,
समंदर से नही मिलता,
लेकिन है बहुत सख़्त
नही सुनता किसी की,
बहा ले जाता है|
जो लड़ने की है तमन्ना,
बीच ज़मीन बहाव तेरे लिए बहुत है,
समुंदर है खोज के लिए,
ढूँढने जो निकलते हैं,
जिंदगी से दूर एक नई मदहोशी||
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नहीं दूर समंदर, 
लेकिन अक्षर छूने से डरते है 
की कहीं कोई लहर बहा,
ज़िंदगी को ना ले जाए||
बैठे बैठे ढूँढ कर एक सीपी,
वो लिखते हैं की ज़िंदगी को 
रोकना एक धार का काम है|
कहाँ सीपी में समंदर,   
का नशा समाता है|
रोक कर एक फूँक,
समाता है
नज़र में सिर्फ़ एक तिनका||
अब नहीं पठार से
समंदर को असर,
दूर लिए दिल खड़ा,
एक बवंडर,
अब कहाँ खेलने से अश्क़ शरमाता है||
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