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Rat Grain

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Every system that is created should have a purpose and must serve that purpose too.
Posted from Net for your reads. ( this is two year old news ,2008) 
The question that comes ahead is what is the purpose of the systems that exist around  our agricultural systems and food distribution systems. Is there coordination among the two. They sure look like same ministries. Then why do people in India (who can not afford even proper living)  have to go without proper nutrition. 
I have no intention of questing systems apart from having a solution. Running systems that too in India is hundred times difficult then analyzing it, thousand time difficult then criticizing it. 
But it is about time that such matters are discussed in open. It is becoming more and more clear that our current systems are unable to fulfill their objective. (May whatever be the reason). It is about time that people are allowed to assist.  People are asked to provide solutions. That government reaches out to people and takes help from scholars and industries. 
To accept a failure is a job of great man. But to hide a failure neither supports any purpose nor it helps  in finding solutions.  We must now consider an approach for a solution. Rather then discussing whose area of concern it should be? or Who has the right to interfere and who does not?
Grow up!
How many more years are we going to feed the rats and simultaneously count how many people died with hunger.
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