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A million reasons to smile: above tears

September 10th, 2010 No comments

Today, i am sitting right there. That same place, my college. I could not forget how my life turned to hell. I could not forget what i was. What i am. The fear, the trouble, i had to face. My own mind- shattered. I avoided returning to this place for so many years. But need- i am here sitting at the same place- i can feel the heat in my mind.

kuch dard tha,
Kuch dard hai.
ek toota hua mein.

. . . . . What you think is what you become.

the above passage is what shows how deep things can go. If you take them inside your mind. Destroy the way you think. I surely would have written a poem up there and back in the same hell, running inside my mind.
your life can get destroyed. Your world can get shattered. Not because something happened to you. But because, you choose to keep it with you. Inside.

what you need to do is smile. Think about what can make happiness for you. I will be frank, i still live inside the dark lines. But there is a hope- to cross and move ahead. To build a me.

a short poem-

watching the sunshine,
I find a reason.
I find a passing time.

Need to wake up
Cross the line.

There was a dream
i couldn’t take up.
A day i did not rhyme.

did I not cry,
Did I not try.
a dream- no longer mine.
watching the sunshine
i find a reason,
hope for a new time.

looking at people,
Laughing and smile
i find a reason.

watching at hills
I wish to climb.

The turns and returns,
Falls and burns
i took them all heavy.
giving them all my time

why did i loose the moments
Why did i not choose.

But i am looking,
Out at the sunrise
smile is flying
calling names

call me! shout! my name,
i am watching the sunrise
Finding my reason,
finding my shine

I need to wake up,
I need to cross my line.

. . . Apurva

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Muskurahat ki lakir

September 10th, 2010 1 comment

Lekar kuch zakhm,
nikla tha mein
Thi aarzoo ki bahe jo aashq
kisi ke kaam aa jaye.

khushkismat tha mein,
har bund se, kavita ho gai

Khada hun mein aaj phir
us chowrahe par,
aanshuon ka silsila
Jitna likh gaya

muskurahat usse,
Kahin zayada hasil kar gai

kuch pal dard,
Kuch pal khushi
Kyon samandar nahi
Mein tuzhe khushi
nazar kar du

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