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The words of gratitude

Saying thank you.

Something we always wanted to do. But lot many of us(me) never did.

it is really easy to ask for help. Make up a beautiful, shy face. Innocent style- beg a little(Please sir). And the man does your job. Or it you are advanced, give him something material. That gets your job done.

how many times did i really go and said thank you. After my greed was satisfied. Even if i felt never expressed it. Whose loss was it all.
mine. The work was done. There have always been mistakes from my side. And when i returned back- stage one. Begging. others?

some people, who never felt like any good. Always stand ahead. Why? because- may be they understood the value of gratitude.

where man like me, who make mistakes or can not hide their mistakes. Always return back.
And since am not an intelligent man. Have to beg. I did not prove the system wrong.

i proved myself to be a fool. A careless, middle standard man. Whose values start when he needs something and then remembers them when he needs again. That is where man like me loose.

what happens then ? the downfall.
i pray i am still not there. The point when slowly you turn helpless & fragile. Then, when the struggle comes u stand alone. And what is the thing you know- begging. That is what you do.

The government, the systems can be stopped from being corrupt. They have been made so by people, who never learned the meaning of gratitude. The good men alienated themselves by begging. Who does not like people begging to them?
slowly they all just test you. And we pass in begging test. And it continues. This is the first step towards a better society.

the importent thing is – to respect those who took trouble for me. Who took a stand for me. Did something importent when i had nothing. And i would have to beg if they did not help me.

thank them all, who stood for me. Not when i need them again. But out of my schedule, a leave, a time when i had planned that movie, time to say thank you. Present a flower. A smile. A card.
a thank you

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