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लिख कविता

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लिख कर तेरा नाम,
मैं एक कवि हो गया||

आज बैठा हूँ किनारे
इस मोड़, इस सड़क पर,
खोजता हुआ
की दर्द की पोटली को कहाँ छोड़ूं|

दी खुशियाँ और मुस्कुराहट
अब सफ़र में नही दर्द का काम
सफ़र में बाटनी है खुशियाँ
दर्द को रखने की इजाज़त नहीं

बो रहा हूँ इस दर्द के पुलिंदे को
ज़मीन के नीचे
सींच कर मुस्कुराहट और तमन्ना से
कल एक और कवि होगा
खड़ा इस मोड़ पर.

उसे खिला एक फल,
मेरी कहानी सुना देना







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Love Like you do

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Don’t let a cloud make you forget the Sun… ~Soul

Rain, as you wished.
spread all around.
singing a simple song.

I fell in love,
I fell with my heart.
Rain spread all around.
Singing a simple song.

There ain’t a way,
away from yesterday.
But we live,
to make a today.

A day filled with shine,
a day fillled with rhyme.

” A rhyme filled with love”

I know  a few who hate,
 few who destroy
But I know some
they create, they smile, they cry.
They fail, they loose but they try

I wish one day even I am
a bit like them
No hate, no fate,
just myself and my hand
and a world to create.

Let me become love
Let me turn into a heart.
A heart who rejoices smile.

Just like you, I want to be one
one just like you.
Loving my child, loving my life
and creating life.
just like you.

I wish to rain
Rain, as you wished.
to spread all around.
singing a simple song.


Our loving heart.

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“There are a hundred reasons to live in this world. But the one that gives us a reason to be remembered is what life is all about.”

A million ways to be remembered. A million ways to become immortal. Which one we choose, which new road we make. Today, you can do something after which you will be remembered forever as a good guy or as a bad guy. I will say- good person or bad person does not matter.  Be anybody as you wish. Frankly I don’t even believe there is a term -good or bad.

What matters is how your action changed the world. What matters is what you create.  How that creates ahead.Creating, that is what this is all about. You, me, us, we.

” Creating that is what life is all about”. Men who create semetaries are also remembered and those who create castles too end up in the book of history.  What are you going to be?  What you wish to create?

Imagine, walking ahead. Imagine you crossing that street where you did your job.  The place where you did that immortalizing act. What you will see there, matters the most. No sir! I am not writing about what will become. I am talking about the thing that did, the thing you will do. 

That street when you cross it again- if in first view it does not raise a smile. It ain’t worth it. Your action is no longer worth. If you think you will be a ground sone, one brick down there. Then, you are not a man any more. You are a brick.

But God! He made us human. So, I have this wish, when I go and cross that street, that machine, that road. I used to live on. I wish to not to see, not to feel that one day it will be heaven. I wish the moment I enter that street, it shows love, It shows smiles. And that is what I as a human am all about.

Create, with my  sweat, my heart – a moment where I can take my children and show, where I can go in my most desperate moments and say- I did it. And my child smiles. I smile. And the ripple of love flows inside my soul and my body.

that is what we are all about.  Hope we all stay loving and are loved too.


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