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addicted to greens

November 15th, 2010 No comments

to create your own life. First thing to change is you. I been a bit sceptic of that. Today, as I look at it all. I grow more skeptic.
For some more time you won’t be finding me posting and blogs, how long? I don’t know.

As per as my adventure was concerned- things are not that good, to take on life is not a type and forget case. Not for me.

Not only my computer is not working, my phone, the blog… Everything has stopped working.

Off course, my brain is headed the same way. Good news is I do am earning back again.

Now starting back life is also not easy.
It is fun. Hard fun. I have always kept my trust in God. So, i know I’ll make it through.

I realized, the theory has remained unpublished, but then again, I am unable to publish right now. (this post too I am writing on a six word window. So, pardon me for any grammatical mistakes. I can’t see a full sentence.
For now, see you. Hope to be back online asap.

With love,

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shields: colors of union 4

November 3rd, 2010 No comments


if you are new to this series of articles “colors of union”. It is about – why a union is importent for us all. ( aiming at specially people involved with J&K, north east, central India, Latin, african nations.) i am discussing freedom, the importence of unions, why our multimillion dollar initiatives fail and a suggest pattern of action to grow out of the crisis.

This post I will write about how to apply a scheme, so that it can self sustain and create growth. But first a recap of last post.

In last post we talked about the three pillars of a normal person. Which in turn lead to success or failure of any development policy or initiative. there we analysed how or why would any initiative fail or succeed if it does not add to all the three pillars simultaneouly else is not accompanied with other programms which add to other three. Consider any programms that we have launched, irrespctive of the amount of investment, initiative or effort put it, results have been terrible. Instead of blaming it only on corruption try analysing with this theory and you will find some peace and diretion.
I will repeat, the three pillars of a person.. Family, self and development. Build on all three simultaneously. These three when build together, lead to a better society and a system heading towards development.

Lets return to the topic itself.
Why do our initiatives fail. We spend a lot of money right?. Why?
First point that drew my attention was- they are failing everywhere. Instead of checking into our details. (Where bureocracy handles all huge projects) I went ahead towards africa, there a lot of initiatives are privately driven and are done with zeal. But they too fail. Why?

#It is from there that i could dive in & get to the .conclusion of three pillars of social development.
# But still the projects yield negligible results in a long go.
#the results are unable to drive themselves. The systems are on steroids. You put in effort, extra it runs, else slow down and die.
#the systems have a goal, but they are unable to create a social structure that could create new goals to drive the parts of society(involved) to keep on moving ahead.

Why do our initiatives fail?

My conclusions and suggestions are summed up in the example mentioned below-
# always start the project on small scale. Small means a district or block.(i’ll call it block)
# let the system develop itself, put effort on small scale. Let the idea grow and try to enlarge, pump in more money when it is ready to expand.
# start the work simultaneously( an expansion of three pillars- a state is society- develop all parts of society simultaneously).
# success of project at all blocks will not be same, several may fail.
# build upon these successes and unite the projects to major industries.
# go for major industries only once small scale is established.
# large scale industries, should never be aimed at creating jobs. They are to bring in prosperity.
Jobs must come from small scale and medium scale and agricultural industries.
# majority of population, today, belongs to lower educational background. Their pillars can be built only through SME’s. Large scale is for highly educated once only. First the base then the buildings. That’s the way it is.
# any large scale industry should also consider the SMEs of that area.
# development of small projects at several locations, also keeps anti social elements at back foot.
#the need of schooling, proper structuring of technical institutes, colleges, training centers, social initiaties can be identified. A place where farming works ( u need agricultural institutes not engineering; where mass production works u need factories)
i will repeat once again. Social structures have to drive themselves, development has to be people driven not government driven. Create one system over another. That is how a sustainable society emerges. I will be taking an example in my next post.

Thank you.
the success will drive itself. And to sabotage all the areas simultaneously will be impossible.

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