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Down the waters of life

April 27th, 2011 2 comments

Do we have no talent? If I believe what the world says- India is a nation flooded with talent.
Then I must ask a scond question- where is it?

Pardon me if I am being too sarcstic. but until then it won’t cut through.  day before yesterday, i picked up a talk with a collegu of mine. Now, this man claims he  can read books like anythig, i mean he reads books as fast as arrow by the time i am done with the preface of a book he come to me saying – he has finished his book. I only look at him amazed.

So, since a few days, i been trying to strike a conversation with him. But, i don’t find it finding life. Whatever discussion I start with- his first approach is- what do you know. nothing new for me. second approach is quoting some high level authors- about whome i don’t know. Third – a few theories come out flying out of those books theories I can not understand. ( too complicated for my brain) nothing new for me. Infact too old for me. I been encountering these genius people since a long time.  I have met them in my college, i have met them working, i have met them all around. Country calls them their talent pool.
I look at them and walk away, because They can be preey dangerous, they have the bes knoweth of any topic and the schools have moulded them into te best defensive cum offensive shells. You can’ touch them.
But you can’t move them either. The talent pool has been so greatly designed into a anchored titanic which will never leave the port and if it ever does, is bound to sink.

only way they are utilized are, take their engines off put them some place else-  superb product.
take the mast off, use somewhere else – best poducts
take the metal of, build somethin else- strong.
take their electronics out – high tech product.
in short tear them apart( after creating them)  and use their piece. Excuse me! they are peple. A torn off person is a torn off life.
That is where – my nation’s great talent pool is. In piece, living here and there.

I wish to blame them, I do. But  I look at them, i feel pity.  They grow up into something, a few to high posts, a lot many to good ranks- into the best engine, into the best PLC programms ever to hit the market.
but I look at them and I know the vessel they once were, and worst, i know of the great journies they could have made, around the world, all around the life, into the sea, over the skies. And I feel torn apart.

How much can  I blame them anyways, how much can I blame anyone, anyways, those who build them may be too came from the same shipyards. Their teachers, their guides must be doing the best they have learned.

Blame game takes us nowhere, takes the nation no where. You can’t blame the peigeon. We did/do the best we know of. we give our everything, that is what makes us Indian, that is in our geans.

I won’t propose a solution.I wll propose us, especially those in the business of buiding lives to retrospect.
To look back, what we were. before we were torn apart. Who we were before we seperated from the great vessel we were. And decide, what made us unsafe for the sea. why were we torn apart..
then re-engineer ourselves into a smaller vessel, may be as small as a boat.  the dautam - as people  we should be fit to sail. Life is more importent then achievement, until we believe in that there is no achievement awaiting us. Until we sail in whole, we are not us. we are not I.

Once you have done that- they my brother decide what you teach your student, what you impart to them.

We are people then we are knowledge. We are not machines, not engines or mast, we are to be ship.

Just think about that.


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a clock beyond the hands

April 24th, 2011 No comments

the breeze is cold today. doesn’t feel as if mid-april. clouds they circle the sky, wandering around, ready to burst open. let us drink a bit.

you know, for some people death is not an end it is a kind of freedom that the universe, the Gods bless then with.
they grow free of the body and the winds carry them away to the oceans. the oceans merge they inside and take them to the depths. There the earth takes them in, merging them into crust. There they melt, sublime, become a part of her and rise. rise as flowers, as grass, trees, shrubs returning back to the people they who loved then.

till then they could only feel, now they are what they wished to be. death, she is like an angel. she lets us free from the bondage and become truely Him.

Grieve we must, for they are lost. the physical existence has disappeared. our mortal form of hope is no more. But if we trust, they are always there. Free from the boundaries of a century, merged with forever.

winds are heavy today, but it hasn’t rained

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a bucket of questions

April 23rd, 2011 No comments

One thing, I feel assured that the work that we have done in elevating people out of poverty have not worked properly. the answer could lie in one or several of the questions I state below.

a few more questions to ponder upon-
1. Are our standerds OK-   should we be having different standerds for poverty for each state?
2. Are we investing in the correct direction?
3. Have we given enough importence, attention to self employment?
4. What kind of Middle scale industires are we developing, what kind of employment can it provide to poor people.
5. How much attention is being paid on Exportable goods industries which are small scale today but can grow into middle level industries?
6. Are we taking iaway the initiative from poor to come out of their misery or are we letting them take initiative to come out of poverty. The former leads dependence, later leads to freedom.
7. Are we mistakening, the roles of Large scale industries with those of small scale and medium scale industries.
8. Weren’t Large scase supposed to elevate the society, medium scale help people in middle class/just above poverty line and SSI give opportunity to poor people. if you agree with the thought structure in point 8, are we headed that way?

..enough for today…


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Maro Gaam – 1

April 22nd, 2011 No comments


Freedom of expression, that is what it is. Current elections of J&K panchayat, they are a sign that people are coming out to express. they are trying to take their lives back. When you talk of a society, villages  are the base. You can establish, high tech government, filled with promises, may be filled with promising personalities. But until the villages wake up there is no real development.

It has been a grace of Gods, that while I started realizing that the real building blocks in the  country have to be erected in villages. the elections for the same are being help in J&K, where not only terror has stopped major development but also building is very, very difficult. I mean the terrain is challenging.  If you don’t have passion, you can’t hold out there.

The question I been working on -
1. if the financial institutions spend so much money on development of villages, where does it goes.
2. why does the investment never helps,
3. Even if it does, why does it not bring prosperity to villagers.
4. even if it does, why does it takes away their peace, children and way of living.
5. Why, if we are spending so much villages still the migration towards cities contineus.

a simpl model-
Villages having the authority to finance their own projects, (small ones) like improviing condition of schools, tubewells, flow of water from near by stream to their village, building internal roads. And a system that puts responsibility back on people. I mean a village of 500, if you have voters. and the panchayat does not work. very easy to trace. but yes the model of mutual development should not be lost. one village gives work to next and next one gives work to the first one.

It looks like the root of failure lies in the principle of cost minimization being given more weitage then the principle of cooperation and mutual development. If we look at the old india(very old). they were better done then todays.
For the management  studends, i would simplify- the profit that you generate with cost minimization  in two units during a period and the profit that you can generate with work sharing amoung two units and applying cost minimization afterwards is different and since this is human economics. So also consider the change in living standards of both the societies/units under both the conditions- then study the final profit that results…

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The dot

April 22nd, 2011 No comments


I thought this post had been published. Writing using phone is really difficult, first a lot of drafts get lost, then did they get posted or not. Can’t be certain. Like this one- I don’t even remember what i wrote( apart from the topic)
so the name proved it-self. A dot. that is what was left of this post when I checked the blog. a dot I leave it – a reminder that words will be lost. And that should not matter.
(may be I am growing up :) )    

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pune- an old mate

April 20th, 2011 No comments

the attraction still exists. it was at about 3 pm i started back my journey. the question of- what next pushed me out. the headache pushed me out. first i set out on the old trail, bus stop- coffee shop-internet -wadapav-back.
some thing pulled me away, meters away from the coffee shop i returned. took my way towards -corporation. and then, since then i am roaming around. watching people, the old kind of homes. the old kind of shops, smiles, faces, dresses that good old life style.
it reminds me of back home. my home town and pune both were designed similar. the people were also the same.
all these houses don’t smell of pure concrete. infect a few still smell of mud. houses built for the people to live together, be together.
i mean i been walking since two hours but I am still in the trance, the answers are there around us. the answers are here, connected with our past. living with our grandparents, parents. but we set out to search them in an AC fitted office. saying- i can’t find them.
wind is sweet today

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kahaniyo ke baad

April 16th, 2011 No comments

kis nazar se mein likhun safar,
jab dhundhati nazar ko milta kinara nahi.

samandar ke beech ghoomti meri kashti,
pahunchi yahan, anjane padav par
takrati hue laharoan se,
aur kuch manchali hawaon se.

Hun kahan, bekhabar.
kis aur kinara, nahi pata
door tak koi aur kashati nazar aati nahi.

O suraj, teri kirano ko dekh
badh raha hun.
hawaon ke khilaf kashti ko modta.
hai sath samandar ka,
aur yakeen dilate kuch panchi,
aur machliyoan ne rakha safar.

kisi din to milega koi kinara,
ya shayad  koi aur kashti,
jise saup mein kagaz
aur shayad kalam,
samandar ke tal mein sama jaounga.


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Is desh ki dharti sona ugle

April 14th, 2011 No comments

Edit: 16 apr
To write using phone is very difficult.

Baba Saheb’s jayanti.
Dr B. R. Ambedkar, the prime architect of our constitution. I can watch a lot of celebrations all around.
Every one wishes to have another one similar to baba Saheb. But  to replicate his personality is not possible. Off-course to follow on his path, to follow his example, to aspire becoming a person like him is possible.

In fact, if you are interested in Baba Saheb, the term called impossible has to be left at step one. Today as we are continuously daring to break through boundaries. He stands as an icon, glaring from beneath those glasses watching each step that his countrymen take. It feels as if challenging us all-’I did everything  in the most impossible scenarios. what you face today, is it greater? is it impossible? greater, i can not answer to,for he himself was a great man, but impossible- no it is not.

A free india, a poverty free nation, a love filled country is not an impossible task.
BABA SAHEB chi jayanti var shubecha.

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ek mausam aur

April 13th, 2011 No comments

Why did I start this post? Well economics, what else. :)
what is there in the post love. Loving I must say is a very dangerous phenomenon which occurs around us. It occurs because it crosses the path & there you are. defeated. You can’t do anything about it. ( no hind Editor, sorry)

Just a poem-

who sirf khat nahi the,
the kuch armaan,
jo tairkar pahuche tere paas.

chanta tha unko ret se,
moda lehroan ko,
kashtiya bhee kuch doob gayin,
pahuchane mere armaan
safar bhee badal diye.

woh khat nahi the,
the kuch armaan,
jo tairkar pahunche tere pass.

nahi bekhabar,
tuzhko pasand nahi,
mere aaksharon se bikharti ishq ki mahak.
samandar hun,
tere inkaar  bhee 
patharoan se samet liya.

lekin kambaqht,
dekh mausam,
phir upar tair aathe hain.
mere aarman, phir pakar
hawa ka damaan,
tere aur bah aate hain.

woh khat nahi the,
the kuch armaan,
jo tairkar pahunche tere pass.


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A lantern

i always believed, the strength of a democracy lies in the fight it gives for it’s existence. results matter but the real change the antibiotic is the spirit that people put behind it.

let us aim out at a democracy that is wealthy and among the top most nations. let us aim at being an alive democracy. nature, war, greed can change anything but even they too must bow against a union of hearts.

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