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across the thickets

serving people is a broad term. there is no boundry, in fact no start line either. whenever i find something going on which leads to exploitation i choose to look at systems rather then people. except if a person shows explicit interest in the gains.

you need to keep an open mind. systems do not permit individual choices to be honoured(unless you have a hero in there). a person inside the system finds a positive result, he/she proposes it and the system acts. if the particular decision is leading to exploitation check the system. find where it turns the tide and makes a well intended effort into a weapon of hurt.
the basics must always remain clear- human comes first.


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The day is beautiful, not because it is good with you or with me. But it is, because it is. This very moment sun is hiding behind a cloud, sheltering somebody down here, who must be a really lovely person.  I don’t know where he/she is,  still my congratulations to the person. You has just received a moment of shade- smile, rest, feel better then move ahead. 
A question haunts my writings these days- Why? Every time i pick up a keyboard, I write then delete – the question is strong- why? 
………A friend of mine(Amy) keeping on repeating – this is a phase of life and it shall pass. 
– yes! it too shall pass. 
I am reading a lot these days, but it seldom turns into words to type. i listen to a lot of songs but they seldom turn into songs or poems. 
–yes! it too shall pass.
…..i don’t understand these authors but they sure can comfort a person. I trust them. 
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The dusk

It is about – 03:25 right now. I was planning to sleep ( office tomorrow) – checked BBC NEWS
I don’t feel like sleeping anymore.  Anyways, something that can’t get you peace is not worth. The article talks about the 40% population on India that still lives below poverty line. and the failure of our efforts to help people up from their misery.  Time to wake up. 
What will follow is a series of articles under “I INDIA” with sub category – “India Loves”.
the basics of these set of articles-
# India is a nation with diverse culture, diverse geography and diverse values, so the strategies should also be diversified. Different region, different policies (that would mean a lot of articles) 
# The pillars of life they should be raised together. 
# It isn’t how much you give to poor, it is how much they receive.
I am a lot sleepy right now, time 3:57 

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sings the summer sun

you needed men!
and see-he built a few more.
to test the mantle of sun,
to test the strength of wind.

down west,
singing, shining, standing
against a box of uranium,
up north facing the whirlwind
calling batons, challenging guns.

you needed men,
and see he built a few more.

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it counts


this is don’t know post :)

well standing there, waiting for my next bus. This thought just hit my heart.
Why dream? why to chase them? I mean why not to accept the best first thing that comes your way?
I been having a few of these thoughts once, may be a more times. Why?
I don’t know! I simply don’t know.

But we do it, some of us do it. I mean.. I don’t even know what my dream is.  Chasing dreams, sometimes has reverse effect- as the goal moves towards you, you start forgetting, why you were.
For me! as I am moving ahead, What I started for, it doesn’t even seem like worth achieving. I mean- so many times I feel as if the train, i just let go- was the one! or the train I boarded was the one but still I get down. Or I head ahead. Something inside tells me- this ain’t you. It never was.

I think a couple of years of back, sister of mine – said “so! what about your dream- bhoot utar gaya”
I felt hurt, really hurt. Even after that, i think i boarded the same train again, but again did not get down on that stop.
I don’t know.  May be I grew above that dream and am chasing something more importent then what I knew as a child, ( I mean I really lived in a small world)

What are we for? why do we dream? What do we dream?

That gives a question for all the readers? – are we telling the kids of what is out there in the world?
are we letting children choose correctly. A child will always dream what he can find.  Have you ever let him know, how large, beautiful the world is? have you let them know the huge, fast, superb, green world we have?
are we letting them reach out of the box?


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a tiny sun

This will be the shorted post on my blog-

What is the most importent brick of  a society- quality of leadership. I don’t mean the politicians, I mean the quality in every individual. If you have trouble, if you have a problem, it reflects lack of leadership.
Sometimes you have to take the lead, sometimes others take lead. The moment an activity lacks a leader- it heads towards blank.

That is it.

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it’s ok, it always was

sometimes you want to pat yourself. for what you have done. i ain’t talking about moving mountains, i am talking about moving bricks. yes, people will say but you could designed the building, or they will say you picked up the wrong brick. i mean, a hundred heads and hands stand up- whenever you wish to say- i did something. it’s ok. It is not at all abnormal. what you did, you did. what you built, you built. you need to be proud of yourself. YOU DID, YOU SWEAT, YOU STOOD, YOU LOVED. it’s ok, trust me. start feeling better. if you ain’t feeling good enough, don’t have a thing at your disposal. go back, find that cardboard box you built for a garage. that was you, that is you, original. the YOU. pat yourself. good night

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O my friend, sun calls!

a little sun,
gazes out my window,
every morning,
” wake up”

I question him
(so many times)
why you travel and stay
up, not sleeping every day?

He smiles and says,
choices my friend,
a choice I made.

Then he reminds
me of my swelling tummy,
and my lost mind.
makes me smile.

A difference to the universe,
it does not make.
Or may be it does.
when you wish to save
a person  from a bullet
instead have to duck.

If affects choices,
if affects what you do,
not today but tomorrow,
when suddenly a need appears,
and you duck,
instead of being a hero.

It is not you were not meant to,
it just means
that you did not care,
when you had to.

a little sun,
gazes out my window,
every morning,
” wake up”


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