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this is don’t know post :)

well standing there, waiting for my next bus. This thought just hit my heart.
Why dream? why to chase them? I mean why not to accept the best first thing that comes your way?
I been having a few of these thoughts once, may be a more times. Why?
I don’t know! I simply don’t know.

But we do it, some of us do it. I mean.. I don’t even know what my dream is.  Chasing dreams, sometimes has reverse effect- as the goal moves towards you, you start forgetting, why you were.
For me! as I am moving ahead, What I started for, it doesn’t even seem like worth achieving. I mean- so many times I feel as if the train, i just let go- was the one! or the train I boarded was the one but still I get down. Or I head ahead. Something inside tells me- this ain’t you. It never was.

I think a couple of years of back, sister of mine – said “so! what about your dream- bhoot utar gaya”
I felt hurt, really hurt. Even after that, i think i boarded the same train again, but again did not get down on that stop.
I don’t know.  May be I grew above that dream and am chasing something more importent then what I knew as a child, ( I mean I really lived in a small world)

What are we for? why do we dream? What do we dream?

That gives a question for all the readers? – are we telling the kids of what is out there in the world?
are we letting children choose correctly. A child will always dream what he can find.  Have you ever let him know, how large, beautiful the world is? have you let them know the huge, fast, superb, green world we have?
are we letting them reach out of the box?


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