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let us begin, again

day 3 since my last article..struggling to get hold of a computer to type. let me use this time to write about more important issues.. education, society.

while i was up in north the news mostly consisted to crime & pain. was it real? yes, it is. the hurt, the exploitation, the poverty, the corruption, it is all real.
but can we give up? it is our land, our soil, running away won’t change it. about time we took charge. under the 512 articles i bring to you a new prospective

my land, my responsibility

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What’s pushing the inflation.. up, up & up??

After yesterday’s hike the rates have increased to 8%. This move is aimed at maintaining the inflation at it’s current level or in simple words check the increasing cost of living.


The two devils in this game have been named as rise in fuel costs & increase in cost of industrial goods. What does an increased rate of interest means to me- High cost of currency! High cost of currency means- difficult money. Difficult money means, less money for future production, this in turn means – Goods to be sold at higher price. Lets dive a bit deeper (but do understand, I am sharing only what I understand, an open idea forum. That is it. Whole world is feeling the pangs of inflation.)

In this article – I will talk of the second reason- The increased costs of manufactured goods.

How much increasing interest rates does helps? It makes borrowing hard. High interest rates means, if you are not having enough back up, you may not borrow. Or, may be, borrow a little.

What is the actual effect of this increased interest rates to different types of industries?
Large Scale industries- It affects them the least. Their borrowing won’t reduce that much. For one thing their borrowings are large, second most of their transactions are within, inside the banking system. So apart from the high cost of borrowing, it won’t effect them.  Second point, when you are dealing with large industries, they can easily get their borrowings refinanced. In short, also the point of attention, when the money never leaves the bank- it remains theirs.  Not much risk.

But when it comes to Medium scale industries & small scale industries, their interactions are smaller plus the money withdrawn has a strong chance of leaving the banking system, a huge risk. It goes to common people, it goes to small merchants, who may or may not be using banks. The trouble in releasing the money is high.
It makes it very hard to finance the MSIs and SSIs.  Difficulty in getting needed finances could force these industries to increase the prices. Infarct, to inflate at their own levels.  

As an example-

When LSI asks – it asks for Rs. 100. It may actually be taking loan of Rs. 75. And that money too will remain inside banking system.

But when SSI asks- it asks for Rs. 10. It could very well be taking out complete Rs. 10. And use it all up- out of which nothing may return (except for the interest)

My question is- How do we calculate the advantages of increasing interest rates? Is this factor too kept in mind? Could a special package of lower interest rates to selected SSIs & MSIs help in reducing the cost of manufacturing goods? Could lower interest rates specifically for SSIs help in reducing cost of manufacturing goods. Could that, in turn, help in improving our IIP?

Can it, in turn, help in taming inflation?


PS. – if this article carried any meaning, i would invite you to read the next article which will focus on cost of fuel and a few points to highlight the challenges it carries for us people and a few suggestions. (Interesting?)



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dreams: the us within

what makes us free? what can build us a day filled with joy? a day when we reach work place we are greeted, when we reach back home, we exchange smiles, love.

for a comman man living in a city it feels difficult. i mean the traffic, daily khich-pich, the struggle. hard to mask, hard to not to return the received.

a few trees & flowers around can help. but it too doesn’t resolve the issue. Could the harshness be a product of unfulfilled dreams?
Close your eyes & question -’what was my dream?’

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not a pebble

we ain’t no pebbles,
no we ain’t.
comman as are
ordinary we ain’t.

travel in buses,
distances covered on bicycles & cart,
sleeps us,
on roads sides
in zuggis & tents,
builds you home,
towers and dome.
homeless we may be
worthless we ain’t.

doing all the labour
we can,
working each day
sunrise till night at ten.
we keep you running,
living at your pace.
down we may be
but dead we ain’t.

but a bit unlucky may be,
we build you the towers you call the city.
to be forgotten later on.
but brother we are.

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when i go through news, it says there is a whole lot of disturbance out there. things are not going OK.

in the population of 1 billion plus that is a big statement. can the life of this many people be headed down the hole. i pray not.

what does this whole ‘hush’ represents? it could be signaling a change. the environment is changing, the world is shifting it’s priorities.

what can a common citizen do in such situations? stay aware, instead of hiding behind a screen come out & learn. take interest.ons? stay aware, instead of hiding behind a screen come out & learn. take interest.

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Subah ho gayi mamu!

To make mistakes is an integral part of me.
The biggest once i make are when when i hallucinate – I am an importent person. That makes me feel, I can change everything around.

What happens then, i forget that i have limitations. Most importent, I get myself trapped into that circle
where people want to build solutions, want to suggest solutions. Last four months, i been doing that.

I spent my time- studing the systems. I was of the view, I can develop solutions and they in turn  will change the world. I won’t say, i failed, but  i did quit writing.

I was so much engulfed in reading, i did not write. Do you do that too, Labour but don’t build?
For me it was an hell, instead of becoming more human, i turned into more of a machine.
A box holding a brain, a brain storing information.

Output? NILL..

I am not like the people who can draw the whole picture. I am a man, who can find the tiny dots and hand them over to people who can connect and build what they can. I moved away from this fundamental.
and  hence i moved away from my reality. My India.

While the world was buring, I was busy in divising solutions. Solutions, i still don’t have.

Hope, I am still loved :)


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limit 512- a speed breaker

writing is now equivalent to breathing for me. while i write this, i must also confess i haven’t been writing too often these days.

i chose to hide behind the reason, difficult internet. :) but i do have a phone.
and i just found out,
i can write short posts of 520 letters. i have tried, expressing views in 520 is real tough. but not writing is worst. i need to because i must.

i can’t change the world in 520 but i surely can express. i can’t move the world but i can seed *tiny little smiles*

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the aftermath: mumbai

I do not write this for people who have suffered. The common man, they did not sign in for what happened. i write to those who lead.

the world is not build of reasons, it is built of life. More then reasons people deserve life. a chance to live free, without fear & with honor.

protecting a human crop with fencing, with pesticides looks good, sometimes gives bumper crops. but floods come, so do the droughts. sometimes a bolt from the blue sky.

could it be a question of perspective?

Jai Hind

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a prayer, a candle: Mumbai-sadaiv Barobar

Give them peace, share love with them all, My Lord! O ancestors!, those who had to leave the world today, with no wish of yours, but due to the cowardly act of few men, O Eternity! let them rest in peace, surrounded with love.

the candles we light, the prayers we sing, the tears we shed, accept them all my father, heal those who are wounded. They didn’t deserve the pain, loss, the awaiting death. Let them return to life.

Today’s blasts have created a hole in our hearts, O Rain! fill them up.


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connecting dots

Hi there,
Been more then a month, since i wrote something here. Well, surprize, i still don’t have anything. I know you people have a lot happening around. Yes, it’s happening all around me too.
don’t I want to comment?
May be  or may be not.

Mansoon is here, rain is here. I like listening to the drops. I love listening to the music the clouds make.  It is my personnal view that drops carry wisdom, answers that oceans wish to share with us. But they demand attention, and considering the current me, they are eligible to punish me if I don’t pay attention.

I don’t have much more then my instinct with me and it commands me to learn. Each and every test is not for each and everyone. For, universe is balance and it by itself implies it too accepts it to be more then single entity. A few tests for me, a few tests for you, a few tests for somebody else.

…. Always around.
Regards and Happy Mansoon

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