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a bumpy road

August 30th, 2011 No comments

two weeks, total six days each 24 hours long, passed. what did i write? zero articles :(
yes! i wrote poems. but i had planned articles. What happened?

there is a time for everything, why don’t i write more on oil? why don’t i write more on poor people? why do i write about a was going on outside? about exploitations abroad?
but not what goes on in India?

may be, coz’ i haven’t laboured enough, frankly speaking, i wanted to see before i comment, but i am still at square one.

hope i succeed.

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a home for us

August 30th, 2011 No comments

packed in the bag
rest my heart.
i can’t find a home for me,
you, rest my heart.

i send you a few poems,
written by friends far,
read them & sigh
they are away,
until I find a route,
rest my heart.

rest but not sleep,
for the road ahead needs you a lot,
i plan to break even,
i plan to color my grey,
when even under the sun
I find no light,
you are needed even more,
keep open your door.
i am preparing my cart,
we’ll journey again,
till then, rest my heart.

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possibilities ahead

August 24th, 2011 No comments

what difference does it make,
cries a person on street,
mocks another in the car,
the shadows from jungle
silently walk away.

what difference does it make?
asks the school peon,
mocks a white collar drone,
the one with a plow
silently walks away.

what difference does it make?
asks a retired servant,
mocks another still in,
the one dusting streets
silently walks away.

but why not to give it a try?
sweat for a day?
when we need not to pay
for what is rightfully ours!
what difference does it make?

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we & us

August 22nd, 2011 No comments

behind the curtains of routine,
hides a person,
singing I shall.

seasons came,
left an impression
and went.
hides the person,
singing I shall.

borrowed, learned
struggled, earned
family and house,
everyday routine.
hides the person,
singing I shall.

children grew up
worn out a face;
guiding all
with secrets of life,
society & bread.

behind the curtains of death,
hides a person,
singing I shall.

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forever, the hundred steps

August 21st, 2011 No comments

a road,
misty & dark,
a hundred steps
but still in dark.

a road,
built of sand & rocks,
a hundred steps
worn out shoes & socks.

a road,
colored with sweat, screams & graves,
a hundred steps
feeling afraid not so brave.

a road,
where it leads knows none,
a hundred steps,
then i shall rest.

a milestone more over the road.
urging those who dare,
walk a hundred steps more,
if you care.

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thine & mine, country is ours

August 17th, 2011 No comments

it comes not from heaven,
but is built.
person by person
event by event.

who says- the books know,
each solution, every door.
hath the roads been straight,
we had been there long ago.
but we aren’t.

the road to heave is built
river by river,
hill by hill.

blame not,
the wise who have passed,
curse not the floods or drought.
if it was known
would have been done.

tighten your shoes,
tighten your heart,
it’s democracy my dear!
a world for you to build
day by day
year after year.

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the waving flag

August 15th, 2011 No comments

to celebrate is important. to remind the great day, to let the children know we care; and so must they.

to tell the stories is important, for us to remember that it had a cost; for the children to know-TODAY is not a free lunch.

to honor the freedom fighters is important, for the upcoming generations to know that the sacrifices are respected & loved; more important for the story tellers to end their stories.

freedom is achieved, but a nation has to be built, step by step, day by day, person by person.

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Good Morning, 15th!

August 15th, 2011 No comments

0100 hours.
night for many, a day for me. august 15th has already stepped up her feet.

i celebrate the dark too, for it confirms struggle is not over, for it confirms freedom is not a goal, it is a cycle. like day & night it breathes, it sleeps.

in 1947, we took back our right to self govern, our birth right to take decision for ourselves.
Are we free?
we can not stay free until we start taking our own decisions.

democracy brings a very unique responsibility- People have to take decisions.

Jai Hind

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drops of the jug

August 11th, 2011 No comments

Since day one & it will remain the same, in a democracy final responsibility is of people.

The failures all around, point out that a few groups of people still exploit. But then again, when they didn’t? Democracy is the instrument to stand against them. Tell those above-Better stop those people else you are done with!

Education, is instrumental in waking up the people. Education gets jobs but jobs are temporary, will end with you. The morals they last beyond us.

teach hope, teach love, teach honor

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sweet evenings

August 7th, 2011 No comments

one ground, 3 games of cricket & one game of football, plus three children experimenting with bat. it is crowded but the energy radiating out from it is inspiring. the disappearing sun & sight of families enjoying the grass.
a normal sunday, i like it more then the air conditioned malls .

can we not keep this part of our life? enough chasing the west, can we not have parks & grounds. this atmosphere fuels creativity.
let us build on, with(not over) this pillar.

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