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a bumpy road

August 30th, 2011 No comments

two weeks, total six days each 24 hours long, passed. what did i write? zero articles :(
yes! i wrote poems. but i had planned articles. What happened?

there is a time for everything, why don’t i write more on oil? why don’t i write more on poor people? why do i write about a was going on outside? about exploitations abroad?
but not what goes on in India?

may be, coz’ i haven’t laboured enough, frankly speaking, i wanted to see before i comment, but i am still at square one.

hope i succeed.

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a home for us

August 30th, 2011 No comments

packed in the bag
rest my heart.
i can’t find a home for me,
you, rest my heart.

i send you a few poems,
written by friends far,
read them & sigh
they are away,
until I find a route,
rest my heart.

rest but not sleep,
for the road ahead needs you a lot,
i plan to break even,
i plan to color my grey,
when even under the sun
I find no light,
you are needed even more,
keep open your door.
i am preparing my cart,
we’ll journey again,
till then, rest my heart.

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