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oil n oil-i love turtles!

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why to use the term turtly way? a bit of optimism, indian managers have the capacity to be turtles, and turtles always win.

i will, a bit disagree, with what is said- petrol is rich people’s bitch. i will say oil in whole is a dog, something meant to serve is now our god, controls us.

how did it begin? speculation, estimation, and short term profit. somebody said-hey lot of oil, someone else said-wow! then some one said-it will never end. priced it cheaper then water and others said-let us consume.

oil n oil -the turtle way

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next, a few questions for the oil co managers to ponder upon.

#you were anyways compensated by subsidies when u sold cheaper, now with this hell high price, as your sales decrease(market shrinks), will you earn or loose money?

#subsidies & benefits were via banks & institutions, easy money. Now you are in hard cash market. will you earn or loose money?

#as comparing with times oil prices were deregulated, prices have reduced a lot. light crude-$86pb, brent crude- $106pb; why r u still gaining losses?

oil n oil -the turtle way 2

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A few more points to ponder upon-for the oil cos’ & energy planners

#is increased oil price going to compensate for the hard hit exchange rate.
(oil is not just a commodity-petrodollar does it ring a bell?)
#if it does not, and if the exchange rate again goes for a swing, will you again increase prices.
#if the decision is only to balance the sheets & if it does not do so,
aren’t u a toy in the game of spiral inflation?
#Have you compared your actions with world economic history, any precedence?

oil n oil -FYI

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before we move ahead-a few points for the common people to know
#oil, the commodity, costed about then $2-$3 per barrel before 1970′s current prices which increased to more then $100 per barrel at one time.
#still there are millions in this country who earn less then 1000/-a month.
# we, still import a huge chunk of oil that drives this nation.
#no basis of PPP data, an indian spends higher then a lot of countries on buying fuel.

and the bad news-you haven’t heard the worst news, yet.

oil n oil -grease em’ up

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these few years were a blessing to us. infact, the breakdown of inflation cycle in feb was an opportunity, a bubble crushed.
i can not blame all for missing the insight, but those at higher ups! the dramatic increment, then decrease should have rung a bell.
in a business, reading balance sheet IS important, but what builds it? and the market around is also important. and with a commodity called oil that DRIVES a whole nation and is IMPORTED, only reading balance sheet is incorrect.

attachments r imp.

oil n oil: the grease

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good news- i have been given 2 days off this week, i have a chance to write. bad news -saturday is 4 days ahead.

512 spaces -n no of posts, each less then 512 spaces.
i will elaborate as much as i can topic -oil n oil

as i feel bound by my limits,so does everyone. issues get built when we fail to look beyond the limits, that is where my objections with current education system are. the high held managers of industry have proven to be only highly glorified accountants. munshis at best.

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