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so what am I doing these days. I want to get away, back to a life, back to people who act like people.
the wise say – there is no surity that the past can be reexperienced. but I am still hopeful that more communities may still  exist in this complex corporate indian materialistic world, which still act human(not robotic) It is not a comment on the people but it is just a choice expressed by an individual. that is it.

Hard, it is too touch to find non robotic systems; most of us can justify the requirements of the same, I don’t wish to fight with them, they have their choice, i have mine. and then again, i have grown up in small town atmosphere, where there never were too manythings, so my need of a similar system is understandable.

Now, if you are thinking, why am i writing all this, then! well, i am sorry! but this is what I used to write when i was nothing  today when I am nothing again. To write was my passion and I wrote — a lot of such things which meant nothing to the lot and meant something to a somebody, who actually feels a no body. 

to write is more importent to me. 
God, let me write more scrap, but let me pen breath

may god be with you.

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when the winds pick up

I was nothing, that was the truth of my life, and like all those who are nothing, when i received some value, i over drew out of it and thus I lost that little I had. The small chance that I had to get out of the rat and little people maze.

two years, I have been here among the city people, city systems and among the managed population.  The best I can make out today is-  it is nothing more then a maze, a maze where the people at top keep on changing the postion of cheese and that is all that happens.

The world that I experienced was out of this maze, yes there too a game of cheese and no cheese existed but it was without borders, it was not a maze. it was a live thing. but then in two years i have realized it is not  easy to get out, I don’t know how to get out..I wish to, but I don’t know.  How many of you know? I mean, i don’t find too many escaping out, at  most I see people changing the levels of maze but I don’t find too many moving out and away.

Lot of things are moving about in the world, though I find them again wandering like mad man. I wonder what is the purpose of all those great people in our country doing what they are doing. why they are doing, i mean- how many of them are thinking long term.  how many of them even understand -the consequences of their actions.  but they do it. It still is better, I mean look at me. trapped in the maze. 

what is actually good for a man or for a woman? so many of us spend their lives in this maze and  they end up happy people. so many of us spend our time trying to break out of the maze and end up still on the floor, a few end up with a bad temper. what is better? 
I will leave with this  question. The post has got too long.  

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